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PeopleLink: Delivering Next Generation Telepresence Video Conferencing Solutions

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Is video conferencing transforming the way companies are operating businesses by providing the benefits of a face-to-face meeting even when the participants are miles apart? Are companies becoming more efficient by replacing the traditional conference calls with modernize video conference? Well! The answer is 'Yes'. The emergence of video conferencing has allowed businesses to have closer, more human and connected relationships despite of global presence. This not only saves time, but also money for several companies whilst providing enhanced efficiency and performance report. While way back in 2008, when the video conferencing industry was still at its nascent in India, Amit Chowdry dreamt to make it large in this space and started his company PeopleLink. True to its name, the company links people from across the globe without the need to be physically present across the two sides of the table. Such is the beauty of PeopleLink.

But what could be a better source of explaining the product than demonstrating it live through the product itself.Amit took this differentiated path and showcased his product presentations to his perspective clients over his video conferencing tools. "With no face-to-face meetings with the customers, we were selling our products through video conference. In this technique, we were not only preaching our customers to start using video conferencing but also using it for our own success. We enabled our success through video conferencing itself," says Amit Chowdry, CEO, PeopleLink.

Customized Premise Offerings

According to Gartner, with an explosion in video conferencing industry, by 2015, over 200 million workers globally will run corporate-supplied video conferencing from their desktops. This will result in saving time, increasing productivity, reducing travel cost by working remotely, and sharing presentation, media & data in the wink of an eye.PeopleLink got off the ground at the precise time and is currently providing all the on premise offerings, customized as per the requirement of the end users. Some of the customized API's includes digital white board, document sharing, desktop/application sharing, recording, file transfer, video & desktop sync, lock conference, email scheduling, multiple room creation, public & private chat, support for Android/iOS and many more. With a mission to become world class video conferencing solution company, PeopleLink provides total solutions of multi-screen telepresence endpoints to cater to boardrooms & conference rooms as well as BYOD solutions to seamlessly connect to any device from anywhere at the least bandwidth and conduct Live conference. The Hyderabad headquartered company also has a wide array of AV accessories such as conference microphones, full HD cameras (fixed and PTZ) of various zooms, digital podium, modular customized audio video products and more to choose from.

NextGen Telepresence Grade Solutions

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