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PathPartner Technology: Seamless Solutions from Pioneers of Multimedia Technologies

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
It would not be an overstatement to say that today's digital era is being fuelled by the almost ubiquitous embedded multimedia technology.Apart from being the basic building block for entertainment systems, multimedia is also precipitating into our daily lives in various forms. Especially in automotive industry, Advance Driver Assistance Systems and Automotive Infotainment are not anymore looked upon as luxurious features in high-end vehicles, but rapidly occupying every vehicle at an explosive rate. However, the niche multimedia technology can be provided seamlessly only by a limited number of companies. PathPartner Technology Consulting, an embedded multimedia technology company, stands tall as the Indian industry leader among those few. The Bangalore headquartered company crafts complete, highly successful and attractive solutions by proactively investing in emerging technologies and grooming the missing pieces continually.

With sheer multimedia technology focus, PathPartner explores the breadth and depth of every specific technology in their realm to provide best-in-class solutions, unlike other service providers who just scale up.The company is renowned for their quintessential multimedia design solutions & services and licensing intellectual properties (IPs) in emerging technologies in and around embedded multimedia. PathPartner is a one-stop-shop offering inimitable services including multimedia codecs, pre & post processing on different platforms, imaging, video analytics & vision, multimedia middleware, BSP & device drivers, boot time optimization, user experience & apps development, system integration, hardware design and system testing among others.

Contribution to Indian Multimedia

When PathPartner was founded in 2006 with around ten people, the founders understood that diversification would kill the company and hence decided to leverage their in-depth expertise to emphasize on multimedia technology.All the founders namely Tushar Kanti Adhikary (CEO), Ramkishor Korada (EVP- Sales& Marketing), Dipanjan Ghosh (CTO), Girish Chandra Sabat (COO), Vinay MK (VP-Engineering) Prasad RSV (VP-Engineering) and Keshav Karunakar (VP-Mobile Apps) have a vast 15-18 years of experience in multimedia along with prestigious IISc & IIT background. At the very early of their career, they got an opportunity to be the core embedded multimedia technology team for Emuzed, a start-up set-up by investors and no team. When multimedia began its journey in India, the founders' contribution enabled Emuzed to pioneer in licensing multimedia software IPs and solutions to most of the then leading mobile OEMs and ODMs worldwide.

By grooming Emuzed from conceptualization to successful licensing at such a nascent stage, the founders played a key role in multimedia's journey in India. After Emuzed was acquired by Flextronics in 2005, the core team instigated PathPartner. As people in the industry were aware of the expertise carried by the founders and their proven track record in providing high-quality software and services, unsurprisingly PathPartner acquired numerous customers including major semiconductor companies, device OEMs and multimedia technology providers very soon. Noting that all their customers are tier-1, the company had to deliver the supreme quality from day one; which was also a cake walk for the already quality-conscious founding team.This enabled PathPartner to be profitable since inception and grow rapidly, even during recession. The company that never lost a customer started benchmarking their processes with CMMI for software development and got ISO 9001:2008 certified for overall organizational processes in 2010.

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