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Prequate Consultants: Partner with the Lucrative Performance Enablers

Kavitha G.
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kavitha G.
The four largest professional services networks in the world (called as Big Four) outlays a breeding ground for finance talents in audit, tax and advisory services, who are celebrated for their significant range of services and industry wizards who rule the kingdom of the financial services throughout the world. But, their clients' portfolio only brings the blue-chip and eminent names under limelight, leaving no space for entrepreneurs who cannot access these high-end firms but still need professional services. However, it did not take much time for Pradyumna Nag - a qualified Chartered Accountant and industry professional - to sense this need and leave his role in one such financial services company to kick start a company that would fill the gap between the finest professional services and SMEs. That ignited the journey of Prequate Consultants Private Limited, today's leading professional service company.

"We are neither a pure financial services company nor a pure management consulting company. We are on the fringes of both. Somewhere tangential. We brand ourselves as 'Performance Enablers'. This gives us the affinity to help clients make stable business management decisions which are financially backed. Whether it's financial, structural, conceptual or business modeling, we help the clients understand their business better, their environment better and to do business more effectively and efficiently." proclaims Pradyumna Nag, Director, Prequate. The success saga of the company started with a solid team of a qualified professional trio - Pradyumna Nag, Rakesh Bordia and Rishabh Pahariya - who constantly crafted out Prequate's journey which has grown leaps and bounds today, from getting featured in their very first year on their disruptive views to professional services to delivering engagements across 15+ countries.Breaking the general norms that follow the realm of professional services, the founding executives shaped up Prequate to be proactive to businesses and to be accessible, affordable and available to all the genres, especially entrepreneurs and small enterprises. The solutions' portfolio of the company presently covers four main categories - Business Setup, 360 Finance, Process and Transaction services - that work with a focus to streamline operations in a manner to fill life to their tagline 'Facilitating Leaner Organizations'. Unlike generic management consulting & Financial Services companies, Prequate provides a 360 degree approach to a business from its ideation to sale. The solutions crafted at the company will always be relevant as the strategies behind the solutions are through the growth story of an organization.

'Work with people who are as smart, if not smarter!' - This is the success mantra of Prequate. The organization employs the same ethos in its operations, particularly in its first category, Business Setup, where it handholds smart entrepreneurs helping them to ideate, establish and expand their business boundaries with strong network of mentors and experts who implant the right mix of professional experience and in-depth business expertise in the clients' businesses. It also helps that a portion of professionals here themselves have been entrepreneurs in another life.With their Business setup function, they look at working in the business and financial modelling process.360Finance is where they setup an independent reporting and management information system, a finance team or a consulting CFO function who works holistically from the organizational vision to the financial operations to make it more controlled and manageable. The Process' focus is on designing, implementing and monitoring a leaner operation cycle with streamlining and cross function alignment. The transactions practice on the other hand looks at creating successful M&Aswith valuations, due diligences and transaction structuring activities to safeguard the interests of the investors and investees. "Our conscious effort to have skill sets with experience has grown to be one of the biggest assets. Every member has had experience with business plans as well as process. Every member in our team can be a great entrepreneur themselves!" adds Pradyumna.

The Roots of Success

"In the last 30 years of my leading organizations, I am yet to come across a team that does work as well. You guys really are a work of art. It's simply a pleasure working with you guys!" is a testimonial from the CEO of U.S. listed company. Another testimonial from an Indian CEO "Prequate has helped assess our company's strengths and weaknesses and suggested suitable strategies to implement. They are very intuitive and provide deep insights about the domestic and global markets for our organization. Accountability is also really high in the leadership!". "With testimonials like this, you know you are doing something right! But, what really sets apart our team is the performance culture we inherit considering over 60 percent of our team is from a consulting background. That enables us to work calmly under high pressure environments and really short timelines that seems impossible to many," says Pradyumna. To balance though, you may bump into Prequate crew enjoying a random Monday screening of a movie in the multiplex as well. "A day is too short to gauge balance!" mentioned one of the team members. Emboldened by the founding executives, the 25+ people strong company endeavors to tighten clients' trust towards it by delivering smart and intense solutions.

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