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Locanix: Changing the Paradigm of GPS Location Information Systems

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Anamika Sahu
If you are running a logistics company, especially cold chain, questions like:has the vehicle left the warehouse and when will this reach its destination;are the goods being kept at optimal temperatures; where exactly did the vehicle break down;who is driving the truck right now and several others keep popping up in your mind. This sometimes gives sleepless nights and restless days. People in the transportation and logistics business had always been skeptical about the available GPS location information system and its performance; hence refrain many a times from using them. Though GPS location information system was introduced decades ago, an amplified solution was always awaited till Locanix came into life and stole the show. The company was created by Ruchit Surati along with mentor and advisor Snehal Patel,with a mission to harness the power of GPS tracking and create innovative solutions that enable safety, security and operational efficiency. The focus is on creating business value and not just implementing technology. Today, the company is one of the strongest contenders in the race of providers offering GPS location based value added solutions.

Founded in 2012, the company has seen a tremendous business growth of over 300 percent. In its short journey of two years, Locanix has overcome all the initial glitches of a startup and is flying high with success stories of clients including Havmor and others that's been written with the help of their solutions Smart-Fleet, Fuel Monitoring and Temperature Monitoring. The company has an upper hand in the cold chain transport industry and mining industry while it also addresses the needs of normal transport businesses. Apart from these, Locanix also offers solutions for private taxi, school bus and public transport vehicles. Locanix has also cracked the problem of fuel theft by providing highly accurate fuel level information and sending prompt alerts upon incidents of fuel theft. Their goal is to not just send prompt alerts on fuel theft but to prevent such incidents from happening by predicting fuel theft incidents. Its security solution for the commercial goods transport industry adds significant value to the customer's operations and hence, has been increasing every month. The solutions offered are promised to be of utmost quality and are built with highly reliable hardware and software that ensures uninterrupted service to its customers. On the other hand, superior customer services are just a blink away from the one who needs it,thus offering one of the industry's best customer experiences. In the times where many companies have had multiple unsuccessful GPS projects with their fleet, Locanix has achieved a nil churn rate backed by countless success stories of their customers.Locanix strives to create a brand known for quality solutions and superior service.

Experience Counts

Ruchit's years of experience in mobile and GPS technology provided him hands-on experience on the concept of using location information to deliver real business value. "Installing a tracking device and just providing location information was trivial but being a software person, I knew that there was a lot that could be done with the data that we collected from the devices and sensors. Driving safety, security and operational efficiency was our motto as we started down this path and we continue to innovate so that we can drive more value for our customers," says Ruchit.

In the price sensitive market of India, cost is still a consideration for several customers. This is why several services providers sell their customers cheap solutions. But Locanix partners with multiple hardware manufacturers and constantly tests new products to find the right device at the right price which ultimately benefits the customer. While the company's focus in on quality and not on making short-term money, it spends considerable time educating clients about the benefit of its products over other cheaper products. Locanix has almost 100 percent customer satisfaction to its credit.

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