Digital to Take Center Stage in 2015

Raman Sapra, Executive Director and Global Head, Digital Business Services, Dell
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Raman Sapra, Executive Director and Global Head, Digital Business Services, Dell
Founded in 1984, Dell is a Texas headquartered multinational computer technology company that is engaged in developing, selling, repairing and other services.

Successful companies are ones that keep transforming and re-inventing themselves. Today, an increasingly digital world - replete with smart devices, savvy consumers, pervasive media, and ubiquitous data - is brimming with opportunities for companies and spurring them to adopt digital business models to succeed. Customers are demanding newer channels of engagement, employees want to use technology solutions that can help them be more efficient at the workplace, while companies themselves are feeling the pressure to create efficiencies across enterprise processes to become more agile and support business growth.

And digital transformation is key for success in this new paradigm. Even as digital transformation can mean different things to different companies, at the heart, it is about adopting a digital-first approach to business processes, operating models and engagement points.

By transforming themselves digitally, companies can offer efficient, intuitive and contextual services to employees, customers and partners anytime, anywhere and on any device, while enhancing organizational agility and reducing costs. A digital company can create new revenue models and grow, and without doubt, it can help Indian companies succeed.

In the year to come, Digital is set to change the IT landscape in India a big way. The trend is already underway in several pockets across industries and in 2015 it is going to gain increasing momentum. Companies that adopt this trend successfully today, will become the leaders of tomorrow.

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