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smartData Enterprises: Scaling Businesses, Scaling Expectations

Pankaj Kundwani
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Pankaj Kundwani
The situation world over especially in the developing countries seems favorable for businesses to try out new things, innovate, fail, learn and grow. There is a huge market available for everybody to play, yet those who live up to quality will thrive in the long run. To accommodate this growth, enterprises are looking for cost effective technological solutions that not only streamline business processes but also generate greater value for customers. Helping customers in their journey towards this never ending goal is smartData Enterprises, an 18-year old offshore web development company that has served thousands of customers since 1996. The company's unparalleled expertise lies in developing custom software solutions that are designed to help customers retain their clients and streamline business processes. Reasoned to the same, smartData's clients have been awarding the company with high ratings and references since its inception.

smartData understands the demands of the startup market landscape where businesses are usually tied up with bootstrap operations and the technology challenges. smartData's thrust lies in growing in the startup ecosystem, and has created an edge in managing their requirements keeping in view the scarcity of resources faced by startup organizations. smartData's wide focus on 3C manta - customer centricity, commitment, and credibility - is what helped the company achieve a unique proposition over the years.

Actions Backed by Experience

Organizations at large face numerous difficulties relating to time to market, right technology selection, implementation and its measure in terms of ROI & fair price. smartData uses a unique approach backed by its years of experience that makes it agile and nimble to serve the market and address these challenges judiciously. "Our constant R&D efforts in technology allow us to be in a position to recommend the right technology as well as right solutions to our clients. Extensive outreach through multiple projects execution at the same time also helps us meet this purpose. Considering our focus area in the startup ecosystem, we ask for fair price; first fair to our customers and then to us," says Ajay Tewari, CEO, smartData Enterprises.

Thrust In Growing Market Trends

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