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Excelledia Quality Consulting: Charting a Blueprint for Business Improvement

Rachita Sharma
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Rachita Sharma
In order to function at our best, human beings need to constantly work on maintaining fitness. The same analogy extends to business organizations as it is critical for them to improve their processes at regular intervals of time in order to stay ahead in the race. The key is to optimize all the given resources to their maximum potential to achieve more efficiency. This puts the onus on business process improvement (BPI) services which is the systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. The importance of this service was gauged by Muhamed Farooque, which ultimately led to the foundation of Excelledia Quality Consulting, a management consulting firm with focus on ISO Management Systems, Health, Safety & Environment, Business Process Improvement, Project/Risk Advisory. Excelledia also specializes in providing training under these verticals. "Our sole aim is to help our clients become significantly more efficient, effective and financially profitable," says Muhamed Farooque, CEO, Excelledia Quality Consulting. In keeping with their founding objective, Excelledia provides best practices business optimization solutions to implement address process, technology and organizational improvements.

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, the company's location was strategically chosen by the founding team owing to the region's growth potential. "We realized that there is a growing demand in Qatar by both government and private institutions to optimize their operational activities," adds Farooque. Leveraging the benefits of the location, the young company has built a formidable roster of clients from the government, semi-government and private sector that are benefitting through the consulting firm's impeccable service. Within the past year the company's clientele has grown at a rate of more than 100 percent. Encouraged by the staggering growth rate, the company intends to spread their wings and conquer various other geographical locations as well. At this juncture, Excelledia has offices in Doha - Qatar, Dubai - UAE and Mangalore - India.

The Journey

It is often said that slow and steady wins the race. Excelledia embodies this saying to the 'T'. Founded in 2010, the company started with a handful of clients in the segment of training. This was the easier part of the journey as the training industry sees a constant demand. However, the real struggle began when the firm decided to break into the consulting industry. The young startup had to compete head-on with the bigwigs of the consulting industry that already had a strong brand value and market share in the region. "We were competing against Western process improvement organizations that were established names in the industry. But, we knew that the only way to success was to build a prestigious clientele through value based offerings," reminisces Farooque.

As Excelledia's exceptional work spoke for itself, the company gradually started to gain clients. Companies that had worked with Excelledia gave them strong references which helped bring in a bevy of illustrious clients. There was no looking back from there. Today, the company counts names such as Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Foundation, Qatar 2022, Qapco, Qatar Airways, Qatalum, Qatar Steel, Qatar Gas, QNCC, RasGas, Shell, Ooredoo, Woqod, Kahramaa, Hamad Medical Corporation, Msheireb Properties, Mowasalat, Supreme Council of Health and Al Rayyan among its clients.

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