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Point Perfect Transcription Services: IT Enabled Solutions to Your IT Impediments

Kavitha G.
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kavitha G.
An American humorist, social commentator and Motion Pictures actor, Will Rogers once quoted, "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there". This quote precisely mirrors the present business environment where 'Adapt or Die' is considered as the new Mantra of survival. While most of the businesses get washed out in the waves of rapid change, few successfully swim against the currents. One exemplary amongst the few is a Coimbatore headquartered IT Enabled Services Company, Point Perfect Transcription Services (PPTS) Pvt. Ltd.

Rewinding 13 years back, PPTS ignited its business journey as 'Point Perfect Transcription Services' with a sole focus on catering the health care services for U.S., UK and Australia markets through call centre & transcription services. But BPO industry was soon hit by the aftermath of 9/11 disaster in U.S. leading PPTS to shift their face towards the exponentially growing KPO industry that eventually seized the company to change the track and step into clinical research based KPO catering competitive intelligence and business intelligence. Today, the company stands rubbing shoulders with leading providers of IT Enabled Services with its firm foothold in the area of clinical trials data management and medical transcription amongst other services. Ingrained with the ISO 9001:2008 certified processes, the services spectrum of PPTS cover clinical data research, stock market analysis, translations & transcription, data mining & analytics, software development and call centre services to a large clientele portfolio across multiple industry segments like Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Life Sciences, Banking & Finance, Stock Markets, Agriculture, Real Estate and Education.

PPTS which entered IT product domain in around 2010, is currently in the phase of graduating into a complete IT product solution provider. "By 2010, we started constructing a team of developers who started working on the big data platform and started to develop products in-house for our own use," proclaims Premnath K, Founder & CEO, PPTS. Accentuated by the in-house products that are engineered to favor those who wants to stay on top of consumer minds, the company is geard up to launch a flagship product named 'Real Time Analytics'. "We are expecting to grow at least 5-6 times more than what we are today and 'Real Time Analytics' is going to give us the huge growth that we are expecting," adds Premnath.

Ventured by Premnath K, a visionary and a strategist, PPTS houses a vibrant crew of nearly 225 professionals each of whom brings in decades of industry experience which is reflected in their ground-breaking innovations. Fueled by the ethos of 'minimum supervision but maximum opportunities', the employees are molded into professionals through open culture vested in the organization. "There is no autocratic approach in the organization and this gives the people, a freedom to innovate in their every day today work and to contribute to the company's success in different ways," says Premnath. The finest HR practices in the company does not only provide the teams, an affinity to live on the edge, but also uniquely positions PPTS as the entity that provides pristine quality, timely delivery, clear correspondence and instant response.

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