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TMI e2E Academy: Making graduates employable through innovative business and delivery model in the skill sector

Rashmisree Deb
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
Due to the failure of India's higher education system, only half a million (less than 16 percent) out of four million graduates who join the Indian job market every year, are considered employable 'as is where is' basis. At any point of time over 12 to 16 million graduates are actively looking for their first right employer. Every year, Government of India spends thousands of crores on skilling programs without the desired outcome due to lack of a viable employability model which can skill large number of people at affordable costs. Most of the skill training partners struggling to scale up due to unsustainable business models.

TMIe2E academy Pvt. Ltd. (TMIe2E), ISO 9001:2000 (QMS) certified company, was incorporated by the 23-year old TMI group in Feb 2011 for skilling and providing employment to over 5.2 lakh graduates and under graduates, over 10 years with a project funding of over Rs.29 crores. Based on TMI group's two decades of insights into building employment solutions, TMIe2E decided to adopt an unique 'Employer paid , role based skilling model' aptly named JOJOE (Jointly Owned Job Orientated Education) model. During the first three years of operations, TMIe2E has expanded its customer base across 18 + Auto, Banking, Retail and Telecom sector employers and has trained over 31,693 youth ( see graph for the year wise growth ) to emerge as one of the top 10 NSDC partner companies of 2013-14. The company has grown into 4 SBUs with pan India operations, with over 100 + employees and a large outsourced partner network.

Reason for TMIe2E growth - Unique Business and delivery models

To ensure consistent high quality training at affordable cost across multiple locations, TMIe2E adopted two strategies - high investment in quality content & faculty development and a variable cost delivery model (instead of a franchisee delivery model) by - contracting 'on-demand' - existing training facilities and trainers. This enabled the company to train - simultaneously and at the same quality standard - record 850+ trainees in 28 batches in 28 cities for India's largest Insurance company. The company has already more than 86 training venues across 16 states and 225 contracted trainers across India.

The company redefined employability - from generic employability to role based employability. This meant that any willing and pre-selected student can be made employable for a specific role after an intense but short duration role induction training. The U.S. army, during world war II, trained and employed thousands simple Housewives in manufacturing shop floors, with only 2 weeks of training, by adopting an unique training model called the JOB Instruction Method. For content development, TMIe2E adopted the JOB Instruction Method based Instructional design model, now made famous by Toyota Motors. The philosophy behind this model is 'not to over train' and focus the training on the 'Best way of doing' of only the key tasks (based on the 80/20 rule) associated with the job role, so that trainees are productive on Day 1. The end result - the company received the most prestigious Award Citation in May 2015 from the American Society of Training and Development for demonstrating 100 percent increase in post training productivity of over 5000+ feet-on-street sales force for India's leading private sector bank. The company has developed 18 role induction courses across 8 industries using this unique JIM methodology.

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