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SupportMart: Any Time Technical Support to All Your Technology Platforms

Kavitha G.
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kavitha G.
It is rightly said - "Being an innovator is not just about solving problems, it's about solving problems no one else sees". This quote precisely summarizes the s'tories behind every entrepreneurial journey today. Similarly, when Amitoz Singh found that there are still unaided gaps in the technical support services industry, instead of brushing off the thought, he stepped further and founded a technical support service company called SupportMart LLC. Initiated just three years ago, SupportMart has evolved into a leading technical support service provider and has been climbing the success ladder with 300 percent year-on-year growth. The company provides 24�7, 365 days hands-on online technical services across all the platforms ranging from Tablet/PC to computer peripherals.

New York headquartered SupportMart, which is the third-party remote technical support, is highly known for their active, prompt, highly effective and brand-independent technical support services. SupportMart's remote technical support service covers both new and out-of-warranty products while its solutions' portfolio covers support services for browsers, printers, software & apps, peripherals and computer security. The cost-effective solutions are engineered to aid the pain points in extremely low troubleshooting time. Be it a home user, a small and medium-sized business (SMB) or a big enterprise, clients can easily access SupportMart through company's toll-free phone number, online chat or email and treat their computer-related problems from the company's Microsoft Certified technicians.

Unlike other technical services providers who just offer the guidance and transfer the risks & burdens of fixing up the problems on users, SupportMart's technicians do all the work for users, disallowing chances for any downtime hindrances. They will hear user's problems and through a secured remote channel through Internet, the pain point is diagnosed and troubleshooted. There is no fear of security breaches as users are required to monitor and no actions will be performed without user's permissions. Users are also allowed to disconnect the remote at any time during the session. The online support services provided by SupportMart include installation and un-installation of the operating systems (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP), security software that cover antivirus & virus removal, web browsers and hardware drivers.

SupportMart, known as SupportMart Technical Services Inc in the U.S., also provides online virus removal services and other services that solve networking issues with Internet connectivity, wireless networking, booting process of personal computers or laptops and PC performance. In addition, the company also offers a portfolio of hardware products that can be accessed through their 'e-Shop' or the 'Buddy App', as SupportMart calls it. Unlike other support services company who charges hefty even if they fail to resolve the issue, SupportMart takes the road less travelled. "If, in case, we are not able to fix the issues, we would refund within the mentioned period. If it's an annual plan, then we deduct one-time fee and then refund the remaining according to annual fee plan," proclaims Amitoz Singh, Founder & CEO, SupportMart Technical Services (P) Ltd.

The knowledgeable technical service professionals are a set of rare breeds. As an exception, SupportMart is equipped with a team of certified & expert technicians, who in turn are the success factors behind the company. They play an instrumental role in the mission-critical processes by injecting their decades of experience in the company's successful strategies. The company believes in continuous innovation and the inventions are underlined by innovative work culture that fosters this innovation. "In SupportMart, people are given chance to try out new ideas. If our team comes up with new initiatives, we give them a complete liberty to go ahead to implement their new thoughts," quotes Amitoz.

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