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Corporater: Flexible Performance Management Solutions Provider with Inflexible Ethical Standards

Susila Govindaraj
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Corporater, an enterprise performance management solutions provider, was founded in Norway in 2000 by Tor Inge Vasshus, an experienced management methodologies practitioner, enterprise consultant, dynamic speaker and innovative software solution provider. Having lived through the effects of IT-controlled corporate performance management solutions, he envisioned to create solutions that could be run by business users. Building such un-paragoned solutions empowered the bootstrapped company to have an organic, sustainable and profitable growth and commence international operations within 2004. As the solution suite kept expanding to provide full functionality across all major performance management frameworks, the company kept expanding its customer base and launched offices in the U.S., Norway, Sweden, UAE, India, Romania, and Argentina to support its customers and the global partner network.

The company that started offering cloud-based model in 2008, quickly grew with thousands of customers ranging from SME's to Fortune 500 companies across 50 countries including Mitsubishi, IKEA, Pepsico, PNB, Audi and 20 government organizations in UAE alone. Though brand recognition and talent acquisition and retainment is challenging while entering new markets, thanks to Corporater's tremendous growth and solid financial strength, the company was able to sustain in new markets until the new units start performing and earn customer's trust. Heedfully building their product much better than giants enabled the company to surpass customer's expectations and build their brand, despite being a new comer.

For instance, when Tata Steel Processing & Distribution was grappling to ensure a single version of truth with their MS Excel dependent performance measurement process, the management sought for a lucid solution to automate Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Methodology where Corporate BSC is cascaded to Unit & Functional BSCs and then to departmental goals & individual KRAs. The consultant team of Corporater implemented EPM Suite, a 360o performance management framework that offered drill-down to bottom most level, making reviews effective and enhancing decision making. Apart from greater transparency among departments and better alignment with organization goals, the structured framework also brought clarity and accountability across departments. With graphical representations of trends for metrics and readymade reports, performance analysis enhanced greatly.

Flexible & All-inclusive EPM Suite

Since, all performance management information doesn't fit neatly into structured hierarchies in real world, Corporater's highly flexible EPM Suite is designed to capture and handle these exceptions. Corporater understands that today's solutions need to be apace with market's agility. Hence, with mere configuration on the same platform, Corporater can provide one solution that fits everybody and adapts to ever-changing business conditions. "Our one solution fits everybody, meaning that no customization only configuration on the same platform is required. Our other USP is that our software can support the agility and the speed of change that is there in the market today," says Tor Inge Vasshus, Founder & CEO, Corporater. The company's user-friendly business mission controls can be managed by business users. When Corporater devises a strategy and input into their solutions, it ensures that client's strategic goals are met upon execution, while the indicators towards strategic objectives ensure that the future destination of client's company is reached.

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