Housing.com Raises $90 Million in Funding

si Team
Thursday, January 8, 2015
si Team
Housing.com, the house hunting platform has raised $90 million in the funding by SoftBank Internet and Media, Inc. ("SIMI"). Previously, SoftBank Corp. had acquired 30 percent stake in Housing.com by investing $70 million. Falcon Edge and other investors too participated in the event of funding. In the last two years, Housing.com has raised more than $121 million. "The company is happy with the new investments coming in and is excited to achieve its vision along with the SoftBank," says Advitiya Sharma, Co-Founder Housing.com.

With the raised funds, Housing.com is planning to map over 40 million houses across 300 cities in India and provide On-Off buttons to home owners and agents. The On-Off buttons is going to create assets for Housing.com by converting the entire curate houses database, and can be reactivated if they are again available in the market. Housing.com is emphasizing on the visual presentation of information of real estate to its customers through its technologically designed interface by its tech team.

Powered by its knowledge in real estate business, Housing.com is planning to build innovative products and map every single house in the country, on the platform. Housing.com provides services uniquely through its verified listings guarantee, high definition photos and 100+ data points on all properties mapped on the platform, which is driven by complex algorithm and data analysis. It operates in over 45 cities, with over 350,000 verified listings and more than 15,000 new projects, the highest in the market. "The company has a deep insights and great vision in developing products that really help the customers in real estate domain and therefore, we support Housing.com's growth," says Nikesh Arora, Vice Chairman, SoftBank Corp. & CEO, SIMI.
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