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6d Technologies: Smart Ideas to Enhance Telecom Subscribers

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Though competition makes the world of business more beautiful, the deep-seated truth in the business world is that competitors are always looking to steal your customers. On the other hand, customers are also on the lookout for better deals and user experience. While in some industries with high exit barriers, the customer attrition is around seven percent, this number gets six-fold in the telecom space. Today, customer attrition and churn has become the night mares for telecom providers. Failure to understand what customers' value and provide innovative offerings is yet the flip side of the coin. To overcome these challenges, CSPs (Communication Service Provider) are in dire need of such solution providers who have excellent flair in understanding these glitches and offer fool-proof technology solutions. 6d Technologies is one such company who under the leadership of Abhilash Sadanandan has carved a niche for itself in the telecommunication space through its excellent technology background of providing solutions and services across all CSPs.

'Smart Ideas' along with scalability for increasing traffic has been the secret sauce of 6d's success. While several services providers fail to realize the new roles of telecom companies in evolving industry ecosystems, 6d's focus has always been on adaption of the next generation technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and its global experience helps it create the feature rich solutions that cater to all parts of the world. "Our emphasis has been on reducing the OPEX, and faster delivery to the market to match the competitor's growth which has been a major challenge for every service provider," says Abhilash Sadanandan, Cofounder& CEO, 6d Technologies. Incepted in 2002, this Bangalore headquartered company has a huge umbrella of clients including Airtel, Tigo, Oordeoo, MTN, Vodafone, Aircel, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Network and Telenor. Its plethora of solutions ranges from MAGIK to Number Management System & SIM Registration, Machine 2 Machine, MVNO, Communication Suite, Ring Back Tone, m-Commerce, BBSS/OSS to Service Delivery Platform.

While MAGIK is a complete customer life cycle management product which provides end-to-end capabilities to the clients, the unique products 'Echeleon & Engrafi provides state-of-the-art number management and SIM registration for the services providers. To keep up pace with ever evolving technologies, 6d's service enablement for M2M provides the capabilities of a M2M platform with various services. The company also provides tailored services to MVNOs in the niche markets, specific offerings with value added services and add-ons for the customers.

Walking on the watch word, 'Flexibility & Adaptability' to the growing trends, the company always thinks ahead of the time to go one step before the competitors. 6d has a strong R&D team who constantly enhance themselves with upcoming technologies and pioneering ideas. This team supports the organization to perform at its toes and rightly call 'Smart Ideas. Delivered'. The process undertaken by 6d has significantly reduced the delivery timelines which helped the company garner excellent testimonials from tier I operators for faster commercial go live with brilliant quality of service.

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