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vPrompt: Ushering the Future of Publishing

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, January 8, 2015
Kanak Prabha
The first eBook reader appeared in the market in the year 1998. But how many of us know when the idea of making an eBook or digital book took birth? It was in 1930 when Bob Brown watched his first talkie movie. He believed that in future there will be a machine that will allow us to keep up with the vast volume of print available today and be optically pleasing. Today, 85 years after the incident, digitization of content like books, journals, research papers and other documents have become a 'Must To Do'. Companies irrespective of industry verticals are moving towards digitization of their content. But the challenge is to find such partner who can ensure that each document management project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The disruptive nature of digitization, coupled with a strong domestic demand for technology initiatives that help improve operational efficiency and effectiveness at optimal costs, has already led to successful start-ups and innovative solutions that are ready to be scaled further. However, it is essential to partner with the right solution provider to scale-up further. And vPrompt eServices is the best reliable partner. The company understands the differences between various publishing businesses and their needs, thus offering tailored services. vPrompt is highly acknowledged for its unique ability of walking the talk with its customers in every stage of content, production and digitization services to global clients in both STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers) and non-STM domains including academic books/journals.

To everybody's astonishment, vPrompt not just digitizes the content but handholds the client from the initial stage of scripting through to digitization. vPrompt specializes in high-quality, low-cost Digitization (eBooks, XML, HTML, Scanning, Key boarding and others), Composition (Quark, LaTex, InDesign, Editorial and more) and Apps Development. vPrompt is renowned worldwide for its Quality and Timeliness for managing Digital Projects. "We work on journals, books and other types of content and can convert any input format (including hardcopy) to any output format (including ePub3 or HTML5)," says Ameet Chauhaan, President & CEO, vPrompt eServices. He further adds, "We have helped Trade, Education, STM, Libraries, Universities and Corporate Publishers manage large volumes of content through the employment of new digital publishing channels by designing, engineering and deploying optimized content workflows that improve time-to-market, lower production costs and help generate new revenue streams. Our clients benefit from our broad experience in repurposing their content for multi-channel output and distribution. Our digital publishing offerings help organizations intelligently create, capture, convert, process, publish, monetize and manage their digital content assets for optimized production and delivery".

The end-to-end solutions offered by vPrompt help publishers maximize value of their content. With proven expertise in outsourcing, the brand vests its major focus on delivering process-specific project solutions to organizations in diverse industry verticals including publishing, manufacturing, healthcare and legal services, as well as to libraries, educational institutions and government agencies. Under its publishing vertical, the company employs professionals in a wide array of specialties with the skill and talent to help with all facets of digital publishing. Similarly, vPrompt's eBook Creation provides cost-effective conversion from any electronic or paper format into the most popular eBook formats including print-on-demand formats. In the similar vein, vPrompt's Conversion Services is where its proprietary tools and automated processes enable the company to efficiently convert electronic files from any format to any format. When we talk about the company's Software Development, it includes a technical team which delivers customized software tailored to its business needs and industry requirements.

vPrompt's other operations include Archiving and Indexing, Form Processing, Prepress Services, Scanning Services, Search Engine Optimization Services, Website Development, Graphics/Multimedia Services, Data Entry, Data Mining and Data Processing. Taking on the latest technology trend, vPrompt offers mobile applications development for publishing and enterprise applications across all major phone and tablet platforms.

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