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Tinacca Media: Creating The 'WOW' Factor

SI Team
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
SI Team
The scenario in the current event market in the country is positive and promising. Today, anything from a wedding to a product launch is creating breaking stories owing to innovative concepts and the investment being deployed to bring in the WOW factor, thereby making it stand out from the ordinary. Tinacca's strength and expertise encompasses all aspects of event planning and execution like creative, PR and digital marketing among others. The company brings a fresh perspective to the event planning and execution domain, which results in a tangible brand value increase.

Tinacca Media is a one-stop communication partner specialising in all the verticals across the value chain. "Our deep domain expertise and understanding of each vertical plays a pivotal role in the execution of each project, thereby ensuring world-class delivery. We take a holistic view of the client's requirement and recommend the necessary tools/strategies and technology to make the event or project a grand success," says Ch Ram, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Tinacca Media.

Tinacca Media is a 360� communications company offering its services across key domains of communication like Advertising & Branding, Events & Engagement, Public Relations, Internal Communications, Digital Marketing, Media Planning& Media Services, Research Services, Celebrity Management and Investor Relations. The company�s uniqueness lies in its in-depth understanding of brands and services and how they need to be packaged to reach the target segment in a powerful manner. In every step of the process, the company brings in the best of technological advances in that realm to fully and ably support all the functions. In fact, it believes in exploiting new age technologies to the hilt to reach the ultimate objective of the client�s projects.

Being a young company, Tinacca has been quite nimble footed and has spread its wings across several types of events. It has handled events ranging from corporate and theme events to launches, conferences, weddings and shows. The company prides itself on its creative abilities, which are brought out in the events that it executes. Tinacca has a calendar of unique and high profile events, which will be rolled out in the near future.

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