Eblitz: Creating Live Movies with Excellent Execution

Anamika Sahu
Friday, September 5, 2014
Anamika Sahu
A simple yet apt definition of synergy is when several different parts come together to make a whole that is significantly bigger than just the sum of those parts. Precisely this encompasses the story of the formation of Eblitz Creations – an event management and integrated marketing company. Three friends with common interests, a common vision and the ability to dream big - Michael N Babu (well known as Mac), Mirza L Baig and Michael G Prasad (well known as Mike) - were working in different corporate houses until destiny brought the three musketeers together to pursue their passion as a profession and thrive in the events industry.

Established in 1999, Bangalore-based Eblitz was bootstrapped with a few thousand rupees, but eventually grew to a multi-million-rupeeentity in a short span of time. Today, the company executes out-of-the-box ideas with perfection and has become more than just an event management company.Eblitz has over 4000 events to their credit in areas of Brand Building, Brand Launches, Conferences & Seminars, Reward &Recognition Events, Employee Engagement, Family Days, Exhibitions, B2B& B2C Events.

The plethora of experience empowers the company to create 'LIVE MOVIES' with 'EXCELLENT EXECUTION' and great ROI (return of investments) for the customers. Events don't have retakes like movies, so the trio is quite particular when it comes to perfection. The company has created dedicated teams for every brand which help them custom make historic colossal eventspan India with their unique event solutions. Detailed work order, strict time schedules, pre-event check-ups, dry runs of equipment, necessary back-up, mini-office setup at the venue, and several other factors makes Eblitz the king in the realm and a brand to rely upon to get that exotic stress-free experience imbued with artistic strokes. This wealth of experience only gave them a platform to explore international markets and they have been creating historic global events ever since.


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