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Supercraft Events & Activation: Transforming Events into Kick-off Celebrations

Kavitha G.
Friday, September 5, 2014
Kavitha G.
'Management is, above all, a practice where art, science and craft meet', so says a renowned business and management professor and author Henry Mintzberg. But to a Mumbai based event management company, it is not just practice or the act, but an element that is rooted in their DNA. Amidst of latest emerging trends that make the event management professionals to rush off their feet, the company Supercraft Events & Activation stands tall with their innovations and award-winning functioning, thus drawing a balancing act between events and activations.

Founded in 2009, Supercraft Events & Activation is known for its direct, creative, efficient communication, guided by well-founded analyses, award-winning productions, presentations and convincing ideas. An industry veteran Harleen Singh who brings his 12 years of experience of working in business development, operations and marketing domains built the company. Under the guidance of young and dynamic CEO, the team employs uncompromising self-critical analysis, networked thinking and strategic creativity leveraging innovative, integrated solutions and better results. "Our key differentiators would be our quality delivery every time, our ROI matrix and the kind of local & international reachthat we have. We have executed projects across 132 Indian cities and in South Africa, U.S., Thailand and Australia," proclaims Harleen Singh, Founder & CEO, Supercraft Events & Activation. Supercraft's client base covers FMCG, telecom companies, television channels and film industry with Siemens, PwC, Reliance, Sanofi, Unilevers & IGCC.

Supercraft believes in creating new paths for surprising solutions. A guest management software tool turns out as a perfect example, which is built for ensuring customer satisfaction and customer hospitality. This tailored and Supercraft branded tool helps in annihilating the major blunders of manual tracking by designing a fully automated conduit for managing the delegates. From arrival to the departure of the delegates, the system will tag along with him, mailing and messaging every required detail, thus providing him a comforted and smooth experience.

With the help of the software, Supercraft have seen events turn into kick-off celebrations. One of them is called as Future Dialogue. As a representation of the 60 years of bi-lateral relationship between India & Germany, the event attracted 600 high-profiled, international delegates including Indian bureaucrats. The software also helped them to run 7 parallel conferences in a single event, which was one of the peculiarities of the event. With its success, the company witnessed its 6 months of preparation coming to life and meeting a spectacular end. Furthermore, Supercraft also boast of another event named Indo-German Urban Mela, which travelled to 5 cities. The technology savvy exhibition showcased many services of German companies helping Indians to augment Indian Infrastructure. Additionally, the company brought out 103" Touch TV and a game developed based on 'Urban Challenges of India'. These two events were not only the most successful events, but also involved huge cost.

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