Data: At the Intersection of Everything

By Marge Breya, Executive VP & CMO, Informatica Corporation
Thursday, January 29, 2015
By Marge Breya, Executive VP & CMO, Informatica Corporation
Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) is a 1993 founded software development company based out of California. The company has a current market capitalization of $4.10 billion.

We are in the age of information and information mobility. Data will be at the intersection of everything in 2015; every industry, every innovation and every mishap.

1.Fragmenting into the Cloud - In 2015, many businesses will be traversing the last mile of cloud adoption, moving traditional on-premise databases and architectures such as ERP and data centres into the cloud. This will amplify data fragmentation, as data travels to the cloud and resides in different locations.

Ultimately, this fragmentation will result in huge challenges when it comes to data control, access and exploitation. Successful businesses will be those able to remain agile when trying to combine, access and exploit that data, regardless of location. The businesses that already struggle to understand where their data is, will fail to do this.

2.Meta-data will become as much an asset as the data itself - Demands about data transparency, ownership and responsibility are coming out loud and clear, but data continues to fragment across multiple apps, platforms, integrators, stores and technologies. Meta-data will rise to unparalleled importance for organizations seeking to keep tabs on their data assets and prove to consumers and stakeholders that they are in control. Clear and real-time overviews of where data is, who can access it, how and when it is being used, will become as much an asset as the data itself.

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