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zingGo: Unlocking the Future of Interactive and Accessible On-The-Go Technology

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Kavitha G.
Imagine a touch-based device presenting you the food menu through which you can visualize your preferred cuisine, a platform where you can alter the ingredients and make your cuisine tastier. Imagine an application where you can create a tangible experience from the intangible technologies. These are the new features of an advanced platform-eDinette-created by zingGo, an ultimate interactive media platform that has been providing an unparalleled interactive experience at multiple customer touch points. eDinette help the customers to navigate easily through the digital menu, the specialties of the day and the rates listed. As a concierge-on-a-tab and an in-room tablet concierge, zingGo carves a technology-enriched conduit to create an enhanced restaurateur-customer relationship.

Today, the technologies which are defined by the attributes of interactive, touch-based and accessible on-the-go mirror the potential for decades of mobility-driven epoch. Amongst the few brands that are already driving the transformation with these futuristic technologies, zingGo stands as a spearhead in the industry. Innovated and powered by SBL � a 2005 born IT and Business Process Management (BPM) company � zingGo platform was well received as it rooted the seeds of transformation and its success gave rise to an SBL/CMG Media Ventures, North American business partnership, which annexed the same name zingGo.

Digital concierge is a fast growing area and hospitality industry is looking at different ways to customize touch-based interfaces to augment their business. zingGo goes a step further and provides an advanced and touch sensitive tablet/Kiosk designed for the new generation hospitality sector. With the name, eDinette, the platform can be customer's butler, steward, entertainer, bulletin board, receptionist, cashier and much more in a single touch. The notifications of the orders and track of the stock statistics & daily consumption reports also assist the cooks in serving efficiently. This refreshing innovation also has annexed many eminent names in the hospitality sectors such as Courtyard by Marriott (Chennai), Ramada Resort & Southern Fast Food Company (Cochin) and Darbar Restaurants (Saudi Arabia). Other than hospitality, zingGo products' portfolio also caters to education, healthcare and travel & tourism industries through the products named, zingGo La Travelogue, zingGo Health and zingGo My Campus, through which zingGo provides platforms for aiding all needs of education, health and travel of the users.

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