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Marg Compusoft: The Alter Ego of Enterprises in Inventory & Accounting Domain

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Kavitha G.
One of the early drivers of Information Technology, Accounting has undergone a dramatic transformation from traditional ledgers and books to software programs over the past few decades.While large organizations have happily relished the ease the technology is leveraging, many SMEs are still slugging behind the time. On one hand, SMEs lack the proper resources, willingness and environment to migrate to the new phase and on the other, the generalized software platforms misses the essence of user-friendliness. Incorporated with an endeavor to challenge the status quo, Marg Compusoft � a leading provider of integrated business application software for small and midsize businesses� developed most user-friendly Inventory & Accounting software, MARG, with a feature that even makes the person from non accounting background easily handle the risky chores of the domain. Architected with all its heart & soul on the inventory & accounting needs of retailers, distributors and manufacturers, MARGis a pioneer in the segment of advanced inventory & accounting software that has made the inventory, accounting & statutory audit work, flexible, cost-effective, easy and hassle-free through its trade &industry-specific solutions.

Born in 1992, the vision of making a difference gathered space through the continued endeavor of Thakur Sudhir Singh, Thakur Anup Singh and Mahender Singh � a trio of computer professionals who put the pedal to the metal and helped their brainchild evolve into its present avatar. Under the leadership of these towering personalities, Marghas crafted a strong record of deploying best &cutting-edge technologies in its solutions, which has led it to seize a leadership position as a preferred technology partner for Indian Industry. With over 6 lakh users across 23+ states in India and 20 countries, the software has been crowned with 'Best Integrated Software Award' for the years 2008-09 and 2009-10. The value that the company offers to its customers has not only leveraged the company to spearhead the industry, but also has made it most trustworthy custom solution providers. The deepest penetration in the dealer market and a very responsive customer service also label the brand as a business backbone that sticks to its roots of offering value to its clientele.

The industry-specific software solutions developed at Marg do not intend to replace any human resource, rather it endeavors to make business processes efficient and deliver maximized ROI. Right from the installation to training and support, the solutions adhere to quality and innovation flare of the company and MARG fits correctly into the dearth left by the local software. Lauded by its extensive customization qualities, MARG can be custom-made relying on client's need through over inbuilt 1700+ setups. Users can also feed vouchers in seven different ways through which a client can generate more than 1000 types of MIS & reports. The ready-made solutions cater accounts &inventory for retail, distribution and manufacturers and web based Sales Force Automation.Besides the aforementioned sectors, Marg also has its happy customers across all genres of Jewellery, FMCG, Super Markets (POS), Mandi (Grain, Vegetable and Fruit market), any type of Trading, Apparels & Footwears, Automobiles, Restaurants and any type of Manufacturing.In addition, Marg also works in sync with its customers by providing them consultancy services, domain expertise, business strategy formation, technology assistance, Internet consultancy &product expertise, promotions &revenue generation, mobile commerce, e- Commerce and value added services in varied sectors.

"We constantly research, innovate and improvise. Being a solution provider, we make sure that we know the challenges that industry & technology presents, ahead of others and turn them into opportunity to deliver better and improved product. The current developments of the Android, is the testimony to the commitment to offer MARG on every platforms and made the software accessible to all," quotes Thakur Sudhir Singh, Founder & Managing Director, Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd. This eminence is shaped up from the open and transparent environment where everyone shares a common vision to excel.

The company which took its baby steps in a small leased office today is claimed to be a highly motivated and result oriented ISO 9001:2008 certified 'Software Development Hub', having a network pan India with 370+support offices. MARG today has evolved beyond accounting to business analytical software. "With time, Marg has been widely accepted as one of the top contenders in the general business accounting field. Today, we are at a transitional phase where we wish to position ourselves as a state of the art consulting & technology organization which can transform any business and provide the means to achieve its maximum potential and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology," proclaims Sudhir. With its clearly chalked out aim of focusing on foreign markets, the Delhi headquartered organization has already filled flesh to its name and has successfully carved its 'road to success', with a vision of forging ahead in the same conduit.

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