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Synapse Design: Connecting Ideas with Technology-Enabled Designs

Kavitha G.
Friday, January 30, 2015
Kavitha G.
The synapse, a junction between neurons, is the critical structure that conjoins neurons and fuels the brain functions, enabling a better action. Likewise, in the exponentially growing semiconductor industry, synapse-like partners play a preeminent role in providing differentiated technology-enabled SOC design services and strategies that help companies bring products to life. Incorporated with the same zeal to provide such experience to customers is a SOC and ASIC services design company, Synapse Design, that stands as a perfect exemplary for the rare-breed of synapse-like players.

Created in 2003, Synapse Design has carved a niche position as the industry leader in the space of cutting edge engineering services. Rewinding, the journey of this bootstrapped venture initiated with annexing a firm foothold in its hometown, the Silicon Valley, U.S., through the vision and strength of founders � Satish Bagalkotkar and Devesh Gautam � and soon arose to expand its reach to, Europe, China, India, Vietnam & Singapore. The brand stood unshaken by the worst economic era of 2008; instead, growing aggressively and has emerged unscathed as the most sought after design services partner to top tier global semiconductor and system companies with revenues of $10+B.

Nourishing Innovation-Ready Strategies

The company's growth continues while competitors fall behind because Synapse Design's goal is always customer centric: Through innovative strategies, Synapse Design helps customers increase revenues 15-20 percent and develop their next generation products.

Through years of experience creating some of the most highly complex digital, analog and mixed-signal ASICs and SOCs, Synapse Design captured their knowledge into a highly evolved process optimization platform. Satish Bagalkotkar, Co-Founder & CEO, proudly comments, "It is our brilliant engineers and this platform that guarantee the promise of 'right first time silicon'". Through the Synapse Design platform, engineers can more quickly make qualified decisions about best process technology, optimized IP and tune for power, performance and area.

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