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Focus Softnet Fz LLC: The Juggernaut of the Mobile Application Realm

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Kavitha G.
The recent Forrester Research (2014) showcases a massive increase in the innovation in the world of mobile apps and according to the study;the app market is estimated to reach $38 million by 2015.Yes, and particularly, enterprises are witnessing a huge transformation, where their basic function of interfacing with systems data to core functions of executing decisions have started to breathe through mobile apps.Thus, with the mobile apps seizing more criticality, the market is thrusting towards founding innovative ways to provide real-time information to users and enable a seamless transition of the UI (user interface) between devices, be it native PC based applications, web applications or mobile applications.Born with innovation embedded in its DNA, Focus Softnet Fz have excelled in becoming the perfect partner in providing ahead-of-the-technology-curve experience to people and its happy customers across the globe attest the fact of getting flexible-on-the-latest-platforms mobile applications at a value-for-money approach.

Incepted in 1992, Focus Softnet Fz LLC has been celebrated for its legacy of providing unique functional, scalable and highly configurable software systems and is positioned second-to-none in implementing the same avant-garde approach in the realm of mobile applications. The brand is the first to introduce GUI-based (Graphical User Interface) system on a DOS platform and with nearly 1 million users spread over 45,000 customer organizations across 17+ countries, Focus is successfully pioneering systems technologies. The company's strong product portfolio is massively augmented by its mobile applications, as almost all the products of Focus has been developed and are available with fully integrated mobility solutions built to the highest standards. Focus, with the support of its backbone – the personnel who are equipped with wide and diverse expertise, has weaved a unique strategy of crafting its solutions, thereby positioning Focus as the preferred choice in all its geographies.

"The apps development follows the same strategy and integrates seamlessly into the entire technological ecosystem of the client organizations thereby providing a unified and holistic solution to clients. Focus' plethora of solutions is also happy to synergize with a vast variety of systems already deployed in client environments ensuring that we minimize redundancies," states Mir Hasnain Ali Khan, Chairman, Focus Softnet. Focus' differentiated mobile apps' portfolio includes the Focus 8 Mobile App, launched recently, with capabilities of data analysis & business intelligence,and is integrated with workflow management and authorization capabilities to transit seamlessly across platforms. Other apps manage the healthcare & hospital management systems and sales & CRM applications, real estate facilities management systems and others. Focus eRMS provides restaurants with a complete end-to-end digital experience from table reservations management to digital menus with integrated ordering capabilities and a direct link to the kitchen. Focus M-POS is a point of sale app managing physical and e-commerce stores with accessibility and navigation, thus optimizing store access on mobility.

Besides, Focus provides different, yet similarly powerful solutions that lead the company to stand as a backbone for SMEs as well as corporates alike. Corporates enjoy their set of Focus' solutions through multiple role & user specific dashboards, integrated business intelligence platforms and intelligent reporting engines while SMEs benefit from simple, easy-to-use interfaces offered by the brand. "Our approach has also made us a preferred choice for local organizations to maintain statutory compliances and for global enterprises that require local expertise to consolidate local operations into a global & unified platform," adds Hasnain.

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