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REDVision Technologies: Endowing Financial Advisors with Double Digit Growth Rate by upgrading them into Wealth Management Organizations

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
This is an exiting era for Indian wealth management industry, as it is emerging as unique global investment destination due to demography, democracy & demand coupled with the hovering 6-9 percent GDP growth rate. Moreover, India is estimated to become third largest global economy by 2030. The ensuing result is an encouraging rapid increase in per capita income and HNWI (High Net Worth Individual) population in India. However, a huge share of the HNWI pie is being consumed by foreign banks and big distribution houses, while independent financial advisors and small & medium advisory firms, who are equally capable of managing wealth of HWNIs and MWNIs are left high and dry. This is predominantly due to their lack of staff, system adaptability, regular training and proper marketing; in summation they need to evolve into organized players.

Stretching Customers' Limits

REDVision Technologies, a distinguished IT company, upgrades such financial advisors into wealth management organizations by providing all technical resources to work like big corporate house, including handling branches and sales or sub-broker team in diverse locations. Thus by stretching limits of financial advisors, the company carved its brand in stone with hundreds of success stories from financial advisors, whose growth rate leapt to double digit after adopting REDVision's system.

REDVision was founded in 2006 when the founders Zahiruddin Babar and Abhishek Parihar noticed the absence of wealth management platform for IFAs in India, while working with top management team of India's biggest National Distribution house. REDVision earned its reputation as game changer from the very first day by pioneering India's first wealth management online platform and also by being the first of its kind to incorporate financial planning software in the same. This pioneer spirit transformed REDVision into a brand renowned for its innovations, user-friendly software and prompt after-sales services.

"Our key to success is our thought process, which is 'our success depends on making our customers successful'. Having this as only purpose behind every activity enables us to offer all-in-one affordable multi asset online platform with in-depth CRM, Financial Planning, automatic R&T files uploading, MF Research Data, client communications and most importantly allow us to endow customers with the confidence of 'Yes, I can'," says Zahiruddin Babar, Co-Founder, Director & Chief Financial Software Architect, REDVision Technologies.

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