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COMPAREX: Offering Sustainable & Integrated Solutions for Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Rashmisree Deb
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
India is well-known to be the undisputed leader in the IT service industry. According to a survey, the Indian IT software-BPO domestic market owns a bigger pie with $21 billion turnover; whereas the hardware, software and IT services market has small pieces amounting to $12.43, $4 and $10.3 billion respectively. COMPAREX India, a pioneer in this field, single-handedly have a target market over $1.0 billion, driving maximum revenues from IT biggies � Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Symantec, Trend Micro and Citrix. Under the leadership of Navin Kapur, Managing Director, COMPAREX India has grown by leaps and bounds generating �62.5 million revenue, showing a tremendous growth of 281 percent in the last fiscal year 2013-14. With a turnover of �1.5 billion globally, COMPAREX attributed the growth to license management, software procurement and technical product consulting. "We have the scalability, technical diligence and commitment to make our customers free from licensing worries. We have been inseparable partners engaged in solving all the software needs. We also take end-to-end ownership right from consulting to services and deployments by our competent in-house technical team," says Navin.

COMPAREX � A Cluster of Knowledge, Experts & Technology

Positioned as the best with combination of Knowledge, Experts and Technology, COMPAREX India has cornered the market as an independent partner for IT solutions and services. The company provides a plethora of IT infrastructure services that includes Server Systems, Storage & Virtualization Solutions, Data Center Systems & Planning, Backup & Recovery Solutions, Hardware Services and Network Components & Access. With a track record spanning 20 years in licensing and SAM (software asset management) business, COMPAREX stands out from its competitors by going an extra mile by accomplishing 800+ SAM projects since 2000. The company delivers out-of-the-box SAM services across 20 countries, with 70+ SAM professionals serving the purpose. Thus, to cope up with the growing competition, the brand provides the best software detection in the market along with unique license and contract management technology.

Providing Unique Solutions for Emerging Problems

After keeping pace and harnessing the technology to provide wide spectrum of solutions and services, COMPAREX face the heat of burgeoning competition, shrinking margins, and lower IT spends and budgets in current market scenario. "Regulation and license compliance in the markets are still a challenge. Piracy level in India still remains at 60 percent," adds Navin. But, to stay ahead of the pack, COMPAREX left no stone unturned by adopting unique strategy � 'More of an order maker than an order taker'. The company seized several opportunities by making early penetration in different verticals of clients segments by optimizing process, reducing sales cost and creating customer value.

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