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Impetech IT Solution: Eliminating All Your Tracking Issues

Anamika Sahu
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Girl missing while returning from school in the school bus, courier not delivered on time or misplaced in the transit, and transport companies worried about their increasing time & cost of delivery despite several measures. These are just few case instances that is calling for adoption of a technology � GPS � that will help them track when and where their beloved or belongings are on real time. Today, not just individuals but companies, especially fleet companies, and schools are able to know their vehicle position on real time, giving them peace of mind. While GPS surely is a boon for various organizations, the magic lies in having the best GPS tracking device, and Impetech IT Solution's devicesare successfully filling the vacuum.

With a customer focused objective to provide successful and innovative technology solutions to address business challenges through careful evaluation of critical business needs, targets, goals and budget, Impetech Group saw the dawn in the year 2000. Initially started as an industrial automation company, over the period of time, Impetech spread its horizon to address several other business challenges with keeping the R&D and innovation team focused on core product development. But when in 2004, the company realized huge tracking challenges; their innovation team came with an effective solution for tracking which was successfully deployed by various clients.

"Post implementation, we started offering services on the GPS platform looking at the day-to-day challenges. We invented a smart VT-GPS having digital I/O (Video tracking enabled GPS) & RFID, UHF integration, geo tracking, geo fencing with alert generation and many more facilities as requested by clients, the product platform is complete designed on a BPM platform which helps and enables us to configure rules based on business challenges ," says Satya Patri, Director, Impetech IT Solutions. This innovative solution is currently being leveraged by schools, colleges, corporate and financial companies along with government institutions. The GPS solution provides tracking via SMS or GPRS, live location report, tracking by time interval, distance or car moving veer, speeding alert, mileage calculation and others. The tracker collects location information of fleet from satellite and then transfers this information to data center by GSM/GPRS network. The data center shows all information in the platform and the user can track all their fleet in smart phone, laptop, PC or any other smart device.

Pertinent to Change

Impetech believes that 'The only thing that is constant is Change'. Looking at the changing needs and current challenges, Impetech's products are developed in such a way that the same can be integrated with other products or service layer and customized to an extensive limit to fulfill business requirement. "At the end of the day, if solutions are tightly coupled or doesn't allow extreme flexibility to business, then sustainability of the product or service would be a great challenge. Definitely in the initial days, we found addressing these as a challenge and later on accustomed to address the same with Implementation of Rules, Version control mechanism and frameworks. Now, nothing seems challenging for us as far as implementation is concerned," asserts Satya.

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