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Genie Sports: Ruling & Organizing the Sports & Fitness e-Commerce Industry

Anamika Sahu
Friday, January 30, 2015
Anamika Sahu
Owing to the recent surge in sports activities including IPL, Pro Kabaddi League, IHL and others, India is becoming 'Nation of League' and the sports product market here is witnessing a hockey stick growth. But the challenge still lies in accessing right equipments within the budget. Smoothening this beltway for all the sports lover is Genie Sports, a dedicated sports & fitness e-Commerce company offering back end processing capability for companies having their virtual retail points or e-Commerce websites. Established in December 2011, the company made a quantum jump and created a brand persona among the buyers as one of the finest e-Commerce company where one can easily find their sports equipment from their loved brand.

To create a niche in the sports e-Commerce space, Meerut based Genie Sports has created a different brand identity called SporteGenie to offer 'Best Brands at Best Prices' across pan India. SporteGenie is the front end of the company through with they operate directly in e-Commerce. Today, SporteGenie become one of the most acknowledged names among various e-Commerce companies who identify the company as a great e-Commerce aggregator as well as e-Commerce partner. "We have collaborated with huge number of brands to offer best brand at best prices. In next couple of months, many regional brands will also be on our portal which will give access to the customers to choose from national and regional brands," says Harsh Mahajan, Co-Founder & CEO, Genie Sports Pvt. Ltd.

The company segregates their clients based on 3P model � People, Product & Price. They work concurrently on both B2B and B2C models where the B2B business relies on other marketing platforms which generate primary revenues for Genie Sports. "We understand the sellers' needs like what are the brands they look for and at what price points, what are the customer behavior metrics they put in place to understand it and others. After analyzing these factors, we generate product catalogs and price points at which they can sell the products," adds Harsh. Today, the company proudly boasts of some of the popular sports brand equipments available on their website including Cosco, Head, Yonex, GKI, SM, Kanton, Donic amongst others which together takes the count of products available on the website to over 8,000.

The Journey

Before incepting Genie Sports in 2011, Harsh analyzed and researched the market just to find that sports & fitness domain was one of the most unorganized sector. He realized that not only are people facing difficulty in finding their favored sports brands at the most reasonable price, but sports & fitness brands too were facing difficulties in catering the market through Indian e-Commerce industry as they were witnessing huge bottlenecks which are often driven by weak distribution networks. The company is constantly on their toes to increase their catalog to help build an organized brand which is available at both offline stores as well as online portals without any conflict with their customers. On the other hand, SporteGenie is also serving the users via various marketing platforms which helps them reach tier-2 and tier-3 cities. "As an e-Commerce company, we want to stick to 3P USP only and decided to launch our own private label 'Prokyde' positioned for both our business clients as well as end customers. The product was launched exclusively on Flipkart around a month ago," asserts Harsh. Genie Sports private label Prokyde offers products which are required by Indian masses and are good in quality while fitting the pockets of the buyers.

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