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Kensium Solutions: Offering User-friendly and Competitively Feature Rich Solutions

Susila Govindaraj
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Susila Govindaraj
Due to the paradigm shift towards paperless office, most organizations are on the hunt for an efficient Document Management System (DMS) that acts as a traffic cop at crossroads of the information highway to control, organize and direct the flow of information. However, most of them are stuck with fragmented management of documents that are deeply embedded in operations. After meticulously studying such challenges and requirements, Kensium Solutions, a premier IT Solutions provider, developed Doccept, a multi-user document management solution. Doccept surges ahead of the competition with the juxtaposition of ease-of-use for end-user and the most feature rich solution encompassing customizable metadata, workflows, built-in OCR and many more at a highly competitive cost. With a record-breaking implementation time, Doccept doesn't require a full-time administrator for maintenance.

Through its extensive integration features with other applications within an organization,
Doccept allows businesses to streamline business processes to become better organized, more secure and decidedly more efficient, while improving customer service. Working similar to plug-n-play models, Doccept dramatically reduces the cost of DMS implementation and operations. The application not just empowers organizations with access to information on a single click, but also creates clear audit trails and assures secure access to content on the go.The company bridges the gap between business and technology with a solution perfect enough to meet customer's business needs. Following its grand success in India and Middle East, currently Doccept is being launched in U.S.

Elevated Communication, Responsiveness &Quality

This young achiever is too often approached to fix a bad situation caused by poor solution providers.An independent study revealed customers' contentment towards Kensium is high due to elevated communication level that enables customers to directly contact someone at Kensium whenever needed. While every customer surveyed felt that Kensium is highly responsive to their project and scheduling needs, majority of them cited that work quality is Kensium's defining trait. The sepersuade customers to vouch for Kensium's services and enabled a tremendous organic growth through word-of-mouth and references.

Tremendous Organic Growth

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