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Motifworks: The Master in Azure for Cloud Migration & Cloud Application Development

Kavitha G.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Kavitha G.
Be it cost-effective, time-saving or efficient –the benefits of cloud-based platforms to build, test and deploy applications have moved beyond the boundaries of the word 'amusing' to 'immense'. However, developing applications in the virtual server is comparatively difficult. One has to dive deep into the realm of the cloud to understand thoroughly about the underlying architecture, database structure, about the applications that have an aversion towards cloud, deployment conditions & restrictions and not to mention, the fast pace of technology change that is hard to keep up with. Rather than going through all these hurdles by self, organizations fortunately have an easy conduit of partnering with preferable finest companies who do not only possess the perfect blend of rich industry experience and deep cloud expertise, but also go a mile further of paper documents and guide the enterprises to migrate and develop large scale and highly available applications on cloud. If you are looking for such partners, Motifworks, a cloud solutions company, is the perfect choice.

The era post 2007 laid a firm launching ground to the cloud computing realm and lured the technology to mature into its smarter version. Born in that epoch, Motifworks– under the leadership of the founder executive Nitin Agarwal - jumped on bandwagon and as the market accelerated, they moved into the cloud infrastructure migration domain. "The way the cloud and other technologies like mobility & big data which are driving the adoption of cloud are growing, has helped us to maintain our focus on cloud. We are now focusing on cloud managed services domain," affirms Nitin Agarwal, CEO, Motifworks. Powered by the know-hows of the industry, the products and the application chalked out comes with an added benefit of flexibility on web, mobile UIs, service based middle-layer and cloud-hosted databases. With concrete expertise around the Microsoft Azure platform, this member of the elite Azure Circle Program and the Microsoft Partner Network, work in tandem with the Microsoft architects to design secure and scalable cloud architecture. "Though Microsoft Azure is our preferred platform, we respect the clients' choice of clouds platform and work accordingly," adds Nitin. Thus ranging from public cloud to integrated cloud applications with hybrid cloud and on-premise systems, the brand architects applications' portfolio that cover Cloud Migration, SaaS Enablement, PaaS & Cloud-Native Development and Cloud Data Integration.

Besides Cloud Development

There is a famous saying –"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change". This citation precisely fit into the present world where keeping up with rapidly changing technology is the only way to an organization's survival. While few businesses have realized the fatal outcome of stagnant mode and have moved to new normals such as cloud and mobile, many enterprises still limper around the comfort zone of the 'back-then' era. Some others intend to jump into the cloud wagon, but they beat their brains out, thinking the security, stability, and data ownership risks attached to the process. With an archive of agile, process-driven strategies that brands the company, Motifworks makes the migration mechanism a cake walk. They understand the existing application portfolio, move the best-cloud-fit applications to the cloud, and help & advise the clients in moving their infrastructure to the cloud without causing any harm to their operations. In addition, the organization also provides mobile development services that cover native application development for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices as well as mobile web development for companies of all sizes.

Motifworks has a defined approach and IP around their process of migration of cloud & cloud advisory that reflects in their solutions. The company is currently in the phase of 'Productization' of services with which they rear to seize more transparency & trust. Thanks to their agile personnel who hail from the rich experience background without whom innovation takes a backseat. Clients claim that the team of experts in the emerging technologies has an affinity to pick up on the requirements and quickly move forward with development. The top management team helps the employees to be in sync with the high-speed technological advancements by frequently sending them to agile conferences and hands-on training. "But the key lies in hiring the right talent. If they don't have the right desire and skills, they may not correctly fit in here. What we look at job seekers is they should be growth oriented, not only in terms of designation, but also in learning and should enjoy the growth," proclaims Nitin. The company does not only educate its personnel to learn technology, but also empowers them to apply the technology in the appropriate projects. The employees are also capacitated to enable their clients to accelerate growth by making them aware of technologies and its implementation.

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