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Tokyo Electron: Leading the Way for New Global Innovation

Pankaj Kundwani
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Pankaj Kundwani
Minute to minute innovations in the semiconductor industry explicitly led by mobile devices (smartphones, tablet PCs, wearable computers), various sensors and high-performance servers is what is building a high information content networked societyat present. The history of semiconductor industry has never been the one of grand heroic theories, but one of painstaking and intelligent labor by the unsung heroes.The past 50 years have really turned the tables around for semiconductor chip makers, but the real pressure mounts on the semiconductor production equipment (SPE) industry which does not have the same level of displacement like the chipmakers. This is where the 1963 established Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) (TYO:8035) positions itself high in the sky. Being a well known name in the SPE space, TEL has been delivering products and services in multiple categories of semiconductor chipmakers for past 50 years and continues maintaining a position within the industry as one of the top 3 SPE players since 1990.

Fueling Innovation

The semiconductor production equipment (SPE) is classified into many highly specialized categories. The constant upcoming of ground-breaking electronic devices are driving innovation in terms of hyper fictionalization, high-speed processing, and low power consumption,and determining the future of semiconductor chip industry. Having a remarkable history of about half a century, TEL has developed strong technology and financial competence to realize such a wide diversity of innovation requirements to support future semiconductor chip makers. Serving global markets, the company has been pioneers and leaders since the pre-dawn days of the industry and emerged as a respected brand in the space. "Our pre-process of semiconductor manufacturing has had top market share and till date, we have delivered a total of 50,000 equipments. We provide all-around processes and this enables our customers to procure an almost full product line. Our strong and enthusiastic after service team provides a thorough customer support which is one of our key strengths," says Terry Higashi, Chairman & CEO, Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL).

Best among the Rest

The nature of the SPE industry does not allow too many competitors to play in. However, even among few top contenders, TEL's products have an upper handwhen it comes to performance in relation to defectivity, productivity and cost of ownership. Some of its highly appreciated products include Coater/Developers, EtchSystems, Thermal Processing Systems, Surface Preparation Systems,(Auto Wet Station, Gas Chemical Etch System, Single Wafer Cleaning System), Single Wafer Deposition Systems and Test Systems amongst others. It also offers other products in the lineup that comprises ofWafer Bonding/Debonding, SiC Epitaxial CVD System and Gas Cluster Ion Beam System.

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