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Jigsaw Academy: Producing the Best Big Data & Analytics Experts

Anamika Sahu
Thursday, March 12, 2015
Anamika Sahu
The world is going gaga over big data revolution, and businesses have shifted their way of decision making. Today, most of them use various cutting-edge tools to extract decisive information from big data. But on the run, most of them ignore the utmost important element: the Human Element. While big data has been in market for quite some time, the quest to find the perfect human element is still going on as there are not many trained analytics experts. On the other hand, there is also a paucity of such training institutes who provide hands-on analytics training and produce industry's best analytics experts. Jigsaw Academy is one such online analytics training that has been creating the best analytics craftsmanship.

Incepted in 2010, Jigsaw is a Bangalore based online school for analytics. Within a short span of time, the company has emerged as a brand and pioneer in analytics training in India offering courses built by experts from the industry. Jigsaw offers hands-on training using a blend of concepts and real life business case studies using an online platform that's mostly absent from the market. But when there are few other online training institute offering such courses, then what is so unique about Jigsaw? Sarita Digumarti, Co-Founder, Jigsaw Academy, explains, "Our biggest differentiator is our focus on quality of content as we source our online content from analytics and big data experts across the globe which ensures that students are job-ready from day one. On the other hand, being an online training expert provides us the opportunity to get quality instructors from across the globe".

"Each session offers strong industry orientation as it is essential for the students to be aware of what the reality is on the ground, rather than just have theoretical knowledge. Combining all these with our innovative delivery methodology, which is a mix of instructor-led sessions, coupled with video based classes and hands on time at Jigsaw Virtual Labs, which is a unique cloud-based solution that provides lab access for participants to gain hands-on experience on a variety of tools by working with large real-life business data sets in the virtual environment, makes us stand much ahead from our peers," adds Gaurav Vohra, Co-Founder, Jigsaw Academy. The academy has become the most trusted friend of the students as it doesn't leave their hands once the training is over, but holds then to navigate through to getting a job.

Spearheaded by two aficionados, Sarita and Gaurav who holds years of extensive industry experience and knowledge in the field of analytics; the company is moving towards filling the big black hole between the academia and industry. But the challenge lies in delivering the right and cutting-edge training. As the theory of many of the analytics and data science techniques differs from the actual business practice of analytics, Jigsaw prefers getting industry practitioners to teach adding a huge advantage over experienced teachers. But the vessel to expose students to real life business problems still lies empty as corporate are hesitant to share their data that's sensitive. The students end up working with very limited data that does not give them exposure to the actual complexities that business deal with. On the other hand, most of the big data and analytics tools and technologies are too expensive to be leveraged by academies. But not for Jigsaw which provides easy access to the most widely used analytical tools and technologies in the most convenient manner. It has tied up with various corporate to get access to proprietary data and in return provides them discounted training. The institute also has tie-ups with leading institutions such as SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy, Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai, and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore for the same. Till date, Jigsaw has successfully trained over 10,000 students from over 30 countries globally.

Being an online training academy provides an upper hand to Jigsaw as it records lectures of the hired industry professionals to benefit more students from the same lecture. For this, the company has set up a high-end studio and employed a production team. The courses are so unique in itself that they are being included as part of courses offered by India's leading academic institutes too. Such differentiated approach highly recognizes the company as the most relevant content in analytics and big data by the industry as well as academia.

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