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Enthusionz Services: Empowering Brands for the Digital Revolution

Kavitha G.
Friday, January 30, 2015
Kavitha G.
Life is all about Vision; and when vision meets Enthusiasm, a new philosophy is created. But a trio thought leaders and entrepreneurs � Basharat Abbas, Amit Kumar Singh & Mujeem Khan � to whom the passion was an inborn ingredient, never knew the same philosophy which they believed in would make their dream come true in the avatar of Enthusionz that would redefine and simplify digital media in just their initial years of inception. While most of the generic technology-enabled website development companies were competing to win the rat race through digital media services, the 2011 bootstrapped digital media company created a benchmark by spearheading a change through keeping its foot directly in digital advertising realm. As one of today's fastest growing companies, the 16 people strong socio-marketer has been successful in not only carving its own brand persona, but also in positioning its clients at the top of the marquee through generating around 3.5 million interactions in just 3 years.

"It's not the money that is required to start a company and succeed, but it is the passion and self belief that matter the most. When we started, most of the companies in the market were website development companies or IT based offering digital media services. But we started completely and dedicatedly as digital media marketing company, wherein we believe in leveraging technology from the Advertising perspective " proclaims Basharat Abbas, Founder & CEO, Enthusionz Services Pvt. Ltd.

Enthusionz lives up to its tagline 'Connecting you with Social Beings' in its each process-driven, digitally integrated strategy and empowers companies to mark their social and digital presence in a very efficient & cost effective manner. With complete and concrete professionalism embedded in the brains behind the work, the company endeavors to hammer home the objectives of the clients and empowers them for the digital revolution through different platforms such as Digital Strategy and Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Digital Analytics while ensuring a better ROI.

Breeding Success

Milestones, as the people call it, are the pillar for making the brand value firm. In that context, Enthusionz is blessed with a very strong pillar as they are successful, not in talking about their success and spreading the brand presence, but in making the success stories talk about them instead. A portfolio of 60+ eminent clients who go gaga over the company's name and a record of achieving 100 percent client satisfaction while achieving the milestone of getting brands in-front of 350 million people in just few years of time. Wait. The company has more feathers to its hat. It is also being recognized as the Digital Media Brand of the Year awards. Touted as 'the best social media partner in the world' by Milind Soman � a renowned Bollywood actor & Pinkathon's Director, the entity has also seized a position of trusted social media partner for Pinkathon (breast cancer awareness campaign) from past 2 years, whilst achieving 95 percent targeted campaign record, while the rest of market still limpers around 50-60 percent.

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