The Smart Techie was renamed Siliconindia India Edition starting Feb 2012 to continue the nearly two decade track record of excellence of our US edition.
December - 2011 issue
There is a whole new set of startups mushrooming in the nook and corner of the Silicon Valley with t... more>>
Beyond the obvious answers such as hiring from Social Networking channels or through improved Employ... more>>
November - 2011 issue
Deep Kalra made quite a few eye brows raised when he announced his decision to make his company Make... more>>
Every aspect of a business is important... more>>
October - 2011 issue
‘It is all about marketing; that is where the real craft comes in. The best actors do not necessar... more>>
The United States and India are the world’s richest and largest democracies, respectively. Democra... more>>
September - 2011 issue
In May 2007 when business information company Thomson took over Reuters it had a huge challenge of m... more>>
Setting up your own venture is always a difficult task. It requires many sacrifices, a strong commit... more>>
August - 2011 issue
Human psyche is very strange and unpredictable. A simple gesture like a small gift on their birthday... more>>
Coanrad Hilton at one of the meeting was once asked, what was the most important lesson you've learn... more>>
July - 2011 issue
When Sureshram Venghatachari and Vallinayagam Nallaperumal quit their high profile jobs in 2008, the... more>>
The Indian IT outsourcing industry is going through very exciting phase in its business life cycle. ... more>>
June - 2011 issue
With the growing e-commerce consumers in India and Shoshaa’s attempt to disrupt the current trend... more>>
Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks, sums up the value of good company culture in a nice qu... more>>
May - 2011 issue
For most organizations today, Talent Acquisition is synonym to Recruitment. ... more>>
As a kid, I read a story that has stayed with me for life.... more>>
April - 2011 issue
According to Gartner, global IT Service spending in 2010 was approximately $800 billion but there se... more>>
We are in an era where the amount of data being churned out is increasing multifold in corporate env... more>>
March - 2011 issue
An insider’s view on the state of information management in the Indian Banking sector and the ... more>>
IT outsourcing decisions are usually board room decisions. Given the highly strategic nature of such... more>>
February - 2011 issue
At an American football game in September last year, while a majority of the 75,000 fans at a New Je... more>>
My Entrepreneurial
Kunwer Sachdev
My father was in the railways and he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Just to realize his dream ... more>>
January - 2011 issue
When we started our operations in 1999, we were looking for the perfect location for our offshore de... more>>
The areas we invest in India are fairly broad. Currently we focus on four investments— power secto... more>>