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April - 2011 - issue > Cover Story

MicroWorld: Two decades of Securing Enterprises

Vimali Swamy
Friday, April 1, 2011
Vimali Swamy
We are in an era where the amount of data being churned out is increasing multifold in corporate environment, thanks to undisputed connectivity of social networks and mobility devices like smartphones and tablets. The very structure of work environment is undergoing rapid change with workforces going mobile and accessing corporate network from remote locations with VPN and other devices. As these changes take place, hackers are also redesigning their tactics to target these networks. Today phishing and spam continues to increase on social/corporate networks as users migrate large portions of their Internet activity such as e-mail to these properties. Moreover in this era of mobile workforce, while it is of necessity that mobility devices be given access to company’s network, it is quiet a challenge to monitor every device that connects to the network and what information transacts.

“More than 12 banks had been phished in the past few years in India including ICICI and Bank of India. This is really a matter of concern. And that’s why security solutions enjoy maximum priority in the IT investments of companies. According to Gartner, the total size of the security market is worth Rs.650 crore and capitalization has been only Rs.300 crore. And this is the opportunity we want to tap in,” says Govind Ramamurthy, CEO and Managing Director of MicroWorld Technologies. Thus the company finds itself in a sweet spot by being a prominent player in advanced security solution specializing in AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Security and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions.

Founded in 1993, Mumbai headquartered Microworld, in the last decades has grown leaps and bounds, thwarted the competition and sealed its position in the antivirus front nationally as well as internationally. With its prime product eScan, the company has reached out to not only large enterprises but also SMBs and individuals across Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities.

Securing the Individuals, Enterprises and SMBs alike

Unlike the IT industry, the awareness for need of network security has been comparatively lower in SMEs/SMBs. While most large enterprises have embraced IT security as a part of the corporate culture, many small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) have been as unguarded as small-town residents who keep their doors and windows unlocked. Similar was the case with Crompton Greaves, a pioneer in the management and application of electrical energy with a diverse portfolio of products for both industrial and consumer segment. To meet high quality standards and to ensure customers receive the best in class, the company had been aggressively investing in R&D, product certifications, product quality, productivity enhancement and operational excellence. For long it did not see the need for a strong security solution but with the increasing rise of threats /malware, there came a dire need of having a highly secure network.

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