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August-2011 issue
Cover Story
Author: Hari Anil
Human psyche is very strange and unpredictable. A simple gesture like a small gift on their birthday from the company can go a long way and make an employee feel very happy and valued. more>>

Guru Talk

Nilesh Gupta
Coanrad Hilton at one of the meeting was once asked, what was the most important lesson you've learned in your long and... more>>

10 Most Promising Cool Products

ST Team
We Present you the 10 most promising cool products more>>
ST Team
Indian mobile industry is an apt example for a mixed baggage. more>>
ST Team
The technological advancements and innovations are transforming the digital advertising world at a rapid pace. more>>
ST Team
At the time of admission a college will get tens of thousands of enquiries from prospective students, but in the end one tenth... more>>
ST Team
When you look at an average recruiter’s life at office, about 80 percent of the work is hard and thankless labor in just... more>>
ST Team
The increased dependency and usage of Internet for business has given way to new kinds of threats that a hacker/phisher posses... more>>

Company Spotlight

Hari Anil
There is a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and a Market Operating Price (MOP) in electronic commodity market. more>>


Vinay Singh
The word ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) came into existence quite early and it was by 1920 that the modern ERP systems came... more>>
Digant Shah
Information Technology A recent survey (sponsored by a leading research analyst firm in conjunction with Financial... more>>
Venkat Rangan
We are in the midst of a technological revolution – mobile phones are taking over the world and redefining technology,... more>>

VC talk

Nandini Hirianniah
Choosing what to focus on after getting started can be rather confusing for the startup founders. In most cases founders lose... more>>
Shrikant Lohokare Ph.D
Mobile Media/ IT. We track trends in these sectors but specially focus on innovations that are enablers. For example in... more>>


Suman Ravikumar
“Companion computing” is the new buzz word in the world of technology. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks are the emerging... more>>
Anita Kalia
The status of copyright registered software is much better than that of an unregistered one... more>>


Ramana Venkata Udathu
Financial Institutions all over the world are embracing the Social Media as alternative channel for expanding the banking... more>>

People Manager

C Mahalingam (Mali)
In the just concluded NASSCOM HR summit, I moderated a panel discussion on “How much is too much” when it comes to employee... more>>


Ajith Kumar B
by another 20-30 percent and there by high profitability. If your CEO is commit more>>

Buyers Perspective

ST Team
The new buzz in mobility is all about smart devices — smartphones and tablets. And mobile chipmaker Qualcomm is betting big... more>>
ST Team
Thought the Indian IT industry is growing by leaps and bounds, it is also facing distress due to the increasing skill gap, a... more>>


Vimali Swamy
It is often said, that great technology companies do not come out of a vacuum but from technology disruption or big changes in... more>>

Tech Product

Hari Anil
a new addition, the E6. This phone has a touch screen in addition to its QWERTY keyboard. It has an internal m more>>
Hari Anil
Lenovo launches a new all-in-one in its IdeaCentre A Series, IdeaCentre A320. The 21.5 inch A320 features Intel Core i3 2310M... more>>
Hari Anil
Micromax, which features a Dockable Bluetooth Headset. X450 sports a 2 inch QVGA display and a 2 megapixel camera with video... more>>
Hari Anil
tablet, Marathon in Indian markets. The 10.1 inch tablet sports a unique 3D user interface and is powered by a N more>>
Hari Anil
am S20 to India. This USB 3.0 portable hard drive comes in four different models of 500GB, 640GB, 750GB and 1TB capacities. In... more>>

Tech Buzz

Hari Anil
CASIO India, a 100 percent subsidiary of the multibillion dollar consumer electronics giant Casio Computer Co. Japan, launched... more>>
Hari Anil
Microsoft opened a state of the art R&D facility in the heart of Bangalore’s business district. more>>
Hari Anil
Using its ‘Cloud-in-a-Box’ demonstration tool, Intel showed technologies that will deliver a more secure, energy efficient... more>>
Hari Anil
According to a Gartner survey of midmarket companies, SMBs are adopting virtualization at a very aggressive pace – by 2012,... more>>


Akanksha Ravindran
What are our CIOs busy doing? What are the challenges they face today? more>>
Mohammad Faiz Ali
The chapter of web applications in Bangalore turned a new leaf on 16th of August at SiliconIndia WebApps 2011. more>>
Divya Srinivasa
The Android Conference 2011, organized by SiliconIndia exceeded expectations as the symposium gathered top flight developers... more>>
Nushin Naz
The testing community of Bangalore got together on August 2nd at the SofTec 2011 to discuss and address the latest issues,... more>>

Venture Beat

ST Team
Bangalore-based Flipkart Online Services is planning to raise about Rs. 675 crore in a PE round of funding from the PE firm... more>>
ST Team
SnapDeal, a group-buying portal based out of New Delhi, raises Rs. 180 crore in series B funding in a round led by Bessemer... more>>
ST Team
Blackstone Group, a PE firm, has invested 150 crore in FINO, for a minority stake. FINO is a provider of technology solutions... more>>
ST Team
New Delhi based Bigshoebazaar India, an online wholesaler and retailer of shoes, apparel, bags, accessories and gift items,... more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Asurvey conducted by Naukri.com, the flagship brand of Info Edge, revealed an optimistic hiring scenario in the second half of... more>>
ST Team
A team of researchers in the Rice University, led by an Indian origin scientist, has packaged lithium ion batteries, which... more>>
ST Team
Several Indian American civic and professional groups have sought President Barack Obama's intervention in a joint campaign... more>>
ST Team
With declining wages abroad, an increasing number of non-resident Indian IT professionals are moving back to India, says a survey. more>>
ST Team
There used to be 12 Indian Americans in different departments of the Obama administration, but some of them have quit or had to... more>>
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