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August - 2011 - issue > Cover Story

Creating the WOW Experience

Hari Anil
Thursday, August 4, 2011
Hari Anil
Human psyche is very strange and unpredictable. A simple gesture like a small gift on their birthday from the company can go a long way and make an employee feel very happy and valued. Similarly an unexpected souvenir for New Year can at times make people feel overwhelmed with joy and make them feel appreciated by their company. Small acts like these can make the employees feel that they are an integral part of the company and that their company cares about them. Can this be taken forward to increase brand loyalty? Will this help in reducing the attrition rate? The answer is yes! But how can a company with hundreds or even thousands of employees and very large number of customers keep a track of all this? Well, they can let Jivity handle it for them.

Bangalore based Jivity specializes in providing brand engagement solutions for companies and educational institutions. Companies are desperately trying to retain their customers by employing devices like advertising, social media, public relations and more, but falling short of this goal many a times. Higher salary packages and other benefits are often offered, but employee attrition still remains as a major challenge. When all these means are failing, what is it that a company can do to increase their brand loyalty still remains as the bigger question! Jivity is trying to answer by employing its merchandising capabilities to actively engage the employees, customers and partners of their customers. “We let the companies understand what part of their brand people like and appropriately run their brand merchandize, thus helping them to improve brand loyalty,” says Mukund Mohan, CEO, Jivity.

Modus Operandi

The company starts by identifying the brand placement of its clients. Understanding is the key; understanding where a company is standing in terms of brand value, loyalty and engagement, and then figuring out what can be done to improve it. Jivity puts a lot of efforts into this, and this helps them in successfully taking the next step. Based on the result of the first stage, the company devices the plan and strategy to take the branding further. It then goes towards merchandize selection and innovation. With its in-house designers Jivity custom designs merchandize for its customers. As a result of this approach the products that come to the table are very specifically personalized products which fit the customer’s image. For example, one of its customers is a trucking company and Jivity built a miniature of the client’s truck with their emblem and all the other details. “One of our customers, wanted to put together a green campaign and so we put together a whole bunch of eco friendly products that they could give to their employees and customers along with the other products that they have,” says Mohan.

Jivity works out a monthly engagement campaign for each of their customers. In the month of any particular festival the prices of anything and everything associated to that festival go sky high. This is another target area for the company, they will bring products that are relevant to that particular festival to their stores and let its customers provide this to their employees at reasonable prices. At this point, the company is preparing for the Independence Day campaign, in the month of September they will be putting together a Rakhi related campaign, after that Ganesh Chadurthi, and this goes on. Thus helping the employees get good quality festival products at very affordable rates at the apt time.

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