February-2011 issue
Cover Story
Author: Vimali Swamy
At an American football game in September last year, while a majority of the 75,000 fans at a New Jersey stadium could only watch replays on one of the stadium’s four, high-definition video boards, a small number of people had a more... more>>

Guru Talk

Kunwer Sachdev
My father was in the railways and he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Just to realize his dream we shifted to a residential... more>>


Mitch Little
In India, the market forces will reflect the rest of the world. With the growing globalization of the product-development... more>>
Jayakumar R. & KrishnaKumar S.
Are you faced with questions like: 'Consulting - Is it an Expense or an Investment?' 'Strategy - Is it just a jargon or a... more>>
kongkon Dutta
"There is a new buzz word in the corporate community called “Cloud Computing”. Every company now wants to be on the Cloud 9... more>>
Alok Mehrotra
The Indian semiconductor industry represents every aspect of the semiconductor lifecycle-from cutting edge electronic design... more>>

Company Spotlight

ST Team
“There is a word in the Chinese language called weiji which is made up of two characters - ‘wei’ denoting ‘risk’ and... more>>
ST Team
In today’s scenario Indian semiconductor companies spend millions of rupees every year on just recruitment and training its... more>>

VC talk

Hari Anil
We have a very vibrant eco system of entrepreneurs in the valley. The fundamental raw material for our business is the supply... more>>


Chandramouli Kundagrami
Innovation and Return on Capital (ROC) In a research report on the innovation strategy and practices of European banks, the... more>>


Shruti Ajitsaria
Most of us could bring to mind someone we think of as a good leader and we could even describe certain characteristics they... more>>
Anonya Roy
Every organization desires to hire very talented and promising employees. Now when you say talented, the question comes how do... more>>
Suman Ravikumar
When you take a look around you and throughout history, the world has been fortunate to have been inhabited by a whole host of... more>>
Richa Sharma
It is not important where you are from but where you wish to be” is the basic mantra leaders all over believe in. From... more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
We discussed the leadership fundamentals in the December 2010 issue. This may well be called as the leadership code. Without... more>>

Social Cause

Eureka Bharali
When was the last time you heard an employee being fired due to non-performance? It’s an everyday issue. more>>

Buyers Perspective

ST Team
Last year, IBM delivered the new Power Systems that helps banks, utilities, retailers and emerging businesses manage and draw... more>>
Hari Anil
How did you come up with this concept? DoAttend is an online event registration platform that allows any event manager to go... more>>
Stephen McMinn
How do you predict worldwide market demand trend in 2011 as compared to 2010? Almost without exception, every analyst firm is... more>>
Hari Anil
With recession finally giving way to economy revival, what is the outlook for the semiconductor industry? In 2009, every... more>>
Hari Anil
The most valuable and expensive strategic asset to any organization are employees. Having the right people at the right place... more>>


Anshuman Ray
EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation. It helps to define what we mean for the words behind those three letters, "EDA" more>>

Tech Product

Hari Anil
Nokia has brought its new phone X2-01 to India. The phone features full QWERTY key mat and its other key features includes... more>>
Hari Anil
Razer has launched the new Ferox portable gaming speakers in India. The player with its 3.5 mm jack is compatible with almost... more>>
Hari Anil
Amkette launched a wireless keyboard, Wi-Key touch. Wi-Key Touch with its 2.4 GHz RF gives users up to 10 meters of wireless... more>>
Hari Anil
Motorola released its Dual-Sim Android phone XT 800 Glam in India. The 3.7-inch (854x480) touch screen phone features one GSM... more>>
Hari Anil
The new Sony Vaio YB comes equipped with AMD E-350 1.6GHz processor and Radeon HD 6310 graphics. With its 11.6 inch HD LED... more>>
Hari Anil
FujiFilm launched its new 3D digital camera, FinePix REAL 3D W3, in India. The camera is capable of recording High Definition... more>>


Swikriti Singh
Mobile has grown beyond a gadget which offers voice calls and text messages, as it today is a multipurpose little wonder in... more>>
Shwetha Raghavan
In today’s highly competitive marketplace and challenging economic times, successfully growing your sales revenues can be... more>>
Shwetha Raghavan
Business intelligence is a comprehensive knowledge of all of the factors that affect your business such as your customers,... more>>

Venture Beat

ST Team
LetsBuy.com, an e-commerce portal out of India, has just announced that it has raised its first round of funding. more>>
ST Team
Komli Media raised about $14.6 million in a funding round led by Norwest Venture Partners. more>>
ST Team
Ybrant Digital, a digital marketing solutions provider which is well known for its acquisition strategies, has raised $48... more>>
ST Team
Apalya Technologies, an interactive, on demand Mobile TV service provider in India raised $ 7.5 million in a Series-B funding... more>>
ST Team
MotorExchange, a technology platform to facilitate transactions, and inhouse certification of used vehicles in India, has... more>>

In Focus

ST Team
The country’s third largest software services exporter Wipro has sent ripples across the industry with the recent change in... more>>
ST Team
Indian Americans are accomplishing great heights these days, more than ever before. more>>
ST Team
The 26/11 terror attack, which took the life of 164, in Mumbai was among the worst terror attacks India has faced. more>>

Tech Buzz

Hari Anil
Dell’s signature corporate responsibility and Global Giving program Dell YouthConnect, which is designed to support education... more>>
Hari Anil
Cloud computing is on the rise and most of the big companies are bringing out new products and services to strengthen their... more>>
Hari Anil
Just-Eat, UK’s largest online takeaway ordering service, have acquired a majority shareholding in Hungry Zone, India’s... more>>
Hari Anil
Educomp Solutions, the largest educational company in India, is expanding its The Millennium School (TMS) initiative to... more>>
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