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Career Opportunities in EDA

Anshuman Ray
Thursday, February 3, 2011
Anshuman Ray
EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation. It helps to define what we mean for the words behind those three letters, “EDA”:

Electronic- anything electronic- from computer chips, cellular phones, pacemakers, controls for automobiles and satellites to the servers, routers and switches that run the Internet.

Design- the part of the production cycle where creativity, new ideas, ingenuity and inspiration come to the fore. This is also where designers try to model the behavior of their designs and analyze the complex interactions of millions of constituent parts in their designs to ensure completeness, correctness and manufacturability of the final product. Why? Because it is difficult, expensive and time consuming to "build it first and fix it later."

Automation- Automation is required due to dramatic increase in complexity that designers must tackle in electronics today.
EDA as a space offers opportunity to engage in a cutting edge technology. The "increasing complexity" as world transitions from "ASIC to SOC", the shrinking geometries of ICs, the designer productivity coupled with challenges around "time to market", "enhancement of yield" and "reduction of costs" challenges the best of the R&D talent.

Strategic partnerships assures our customers meet their performance, cost, and schedule goals. There are great opportunities in the Field Organization that allows employees to actively engage and manage critical accounts at a Global, Strategic and Territorial Level.

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