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SiliconIndia Heralds the Mobile Apps boom

Swikriti Singh
Friday, February 4, 2011
 Swikriti Singh
Mobile has grown beyond a gadget which offers voice calls and text messages, as it today is a multipurpose little wonder in the hand, used for a variety of things like gaming, video calls, emails and entertainment. It is the booming usage of these services that has provided tremendous opportunities for all the mobile application developers. This mobile application revolution has also opened up business opportunity in India both for developers, OEMs and service providers.
The thought leaders and experts from different domains of the present mobile ecosystem had been brought together to share their knowledge and experiences in the Siliconindia Mobile Developer Conference. Although the main focus of the conference was on mobile application developers and technologists, it also aimed to help startups, investors, mobile carriers, device manufacturers to better understand the latest technologies that will define the mobile market of tomorrow. On the same lines, the Nokia E7 was previewed for the first time in India at the event.
As stated by Vaideeswaran Sethuraman, Founder and CEO at Divum, right message and right experience is mandatory to convince the people as user experience is extremely important. “Multiple platforms like Posting, Adoption of New Technologies and Quality Testing have been created to have multiple distribution channels, direct engagement with the OEMs and content owners as currently, developers are prioritized before OEM operators,” he said at the Siliconindia Mobile Developer Conference held on 22 January 2011 in bangalore
In the current times, the content owners have been trying to have a template which can be customized for any kind of apps and the OEMs are being continuously challenged by the developers. According to Gururaj Narayanan, Project Manager, Teleca, the required components to make a reality check on the app economy are: Developers developing applications, Content Providers, Web Experience on Apple and the Development of Crash Proof Applications.
An insight into different categories of applications downloaded by the Indian consumers was provided by Sunil Rao, Head- Forum Nokia India, where he stressed upon the influencing factor what is a smartphone now what it was a few years back which is entirely based on continuous and consumption experience. “ The key considerations while developing an App include mapping the genuine problem, a detailed research regarding any existing app as the solution so that time is not wasted in re-inventing, usage of a collaborative model incase the model already exists and flexibility to the feedback of an app so that the consumer likes the product,” said Rao.
Parallely to the conference, tracks named iPhone Track, Qt Track and Andriod Track also took place. The Android Track included the introduction to the Android programming and operating environment, Building Android Mobile Applications, Building High Performance Applications, Android Apps Testing – Overview of a Structured Approach in an Agile Environment and Dual Display for Android Applications. The iPhone Track included presentations on Effective iPhone App Development, iPhone User Interface Design Essentials and Testing and Debugging Your iPhone Application. Educative presentations were made on the topics Introduction: Deep dive into Nokia Technology Platforms and Application development, Qt App Development for Mobile Platforms and Hands-on: How to start Qt coding for Nokia Mobiles in the Qt track.
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