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C-D-EC Model: Consulting-Delivery-Extended Consulting/Collaboration

Jayakumar R. & KrishnaKumar S.
Friday, February 4, 2011
Jayakumar R. & KrishnaKumar S.
Are you faced with questions like:

'Consulting - Is it an Expense or an Investment?'
'Strategy - Is it just a jargon or a savior?'
'Roadmap – Is it on track as planned? How do I do a health check?'

Corporates over a period had invested a lot of money in tools and technologies to cater to the needs of various departments within their organization. This has now started to eat into their profits through licensing costs, maintenance costs, etc. Sometimes one has lost count of the number of application in the landscape, has no clue what a particular application is for, who is using it and why it was needed in the first place? The impact of this has become even more evident especially during the recession period as the IT budgets became slim and expectations from the top management to cut costs increased. The CIO now needs to strategize IT spends to manage costs within the budget. This paper tries to address where the CIO can start and how to leverage the services provided by various IT service providers.

Recession hit Industry:
During recession, quite a few Corporates had employed IT consultants to increase their productivity and cut costs. They achieved this by trying to get a neutral third party view of where they were and what they needed to do next to sustain themselves during recession. These corporates were primarily looking at consolidation and/or optimization of their existing setup and re-org in some cases.

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