March-2011 issue
Cover Story
Author: ST Team
IT outsourcing decisions are usually board room decisions. Given the highly strategic nature of such decisions, the stakes involved in them are quite high. more>>

Guru Talk

Amit Chatterjee
Leadership, to my mind, is a very personal construct. Different leaders do different things both in terms of behavioral conduct... more>>

Cover Feature

Hari Anil
When being pulled down by a crisis and it is almost impossible to move forward, the easiest thing to do is to give up and... more>>


Nitin Mittal
As businesses emerge from the economic downturn, they have increased their focus on making the most of customer insights and... more>>
David Friedman
Man communicated even when language did not exist. With experience and passage of time man invented language and bridged the... more>>
kongkon Dutta
I/O Virtualization Then come the need to virtualize your I/O infrastructure. I/O is always a bottle neck in the progress of... more>>
Ramesh Loganathan
Solution delivery has undergone two significant paradigm shifts in the past few years. One is the notion of breaking down a... more>>
N. Subramanian
Some of the technology firms have all focused on the storage boom from the rising popularity of cloud computing services and... more>>
Dr. H.V.Ananda & Raja Subramaniam
The cost of fabricating modern day System on Chips (SoCs) is escalating with each new process node and runs into millions of... more>>
Bindu Sharma
Albert Einstein once said that the “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Whereas the knowledge is based on... more>>
Pad N Swami
These are difficult and turbulent times. Market is opening up and growing rapidly globaly and locally everywhere. more>>
Dr. Ravi Kumar
The Internet is undergoing a revolution at a tremendous pace thanks to Social Networking. In a candid interview with Hari Anil,... more>>
Lakshman Narayanaswamy
An insider’s view on the state of information management in the Indian Banking sector and the need for a strong Disaster... more>>

VC talk

Rishi Taparia
As the social network continues to expand, the world continues to shrink. Thanks to the innovation that has taken place over... more>>


ST Team
A recent survey done on 10,000 companies across the globe by Regus, a workplace solutions provider, found that globally 36... more>>
Kahuwa Jyoti Das
Identifying a successful leader is difficult as you cannot asses the inevitable changing business landscape; however, leaders... more>>
Swikriti Singh
When we look just 300 years back, India accounted for 35 percent of the global GDP which is now just two percent as it lost out... more>>

People Manager

C Mahalingam (Mali)
There is no dearth of celebrating the leaders in organizations: Rock stars, Top talent, Rain makers, Role Models and more. more>>

Buyer's Perspective

ST Team
Last year, IBM delivered the new Power Systems that helps banks, utilities, retailers and emerging businesses manage and draw... more>>


Manish Jha
The Internet is everywhere. On TVs, phones, computers, even refrigerators and security cameras. more>>


Eureka Bharali
The Ferrari whooshed across the Lamborghini and there comes the hit point – it’s the Jackpot - Oh yes, it’s the undying... more>>
Binu T Paul
The business leaders of tomorrow in the making at the Harvard Business School are turning their focus on the Indian stories for... more>>

In Focus

ST Team
On account of increased demands of Indian engineering, chemicals, gems and jewellery, and leather products the country’s... more>>
ST Team
Around 80-90-million Indians are using e-mails now and this number is growing rapidly, and e-mail marketing is expected to grow... more>>
ST Team
Indian IT Service firms might just be in for a merry ride as the U.S. government has decided to cut more than $61 billion from... more>>
ST Team
Indian SMEs are reaping the benefits of the Internet medium in every regard to grow their businesses and have left behind the... more>>
ST Team
The Central Business District (CBD) of Nariman Point is the sixth most expensive office location in the world. In a study... more>>
ST Team
India has the fourth largest foreign exchange reserves and this has helped the nation to tide over global financial crisis,... more>>

Tech Buzz

Hari Anil
Acropetal Technologies, a company with focus on competency based verticals such as Healthcare Services, Energy and Environment... more>>
Hari Anil
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) unvieled its AMD Fusion Family of Accelerated Processing Units (APU) in India more>>
Hari Anil
Renesas Electronics Singapore, a provider of Microcontrollers and semiconductor solutions, officially inaugurated its India... more>>
Hari Anil
Epson India, the Indian arm of the Japan-based technology company, set a target of Rs. 500 crore turnovers in this fiscal... more>>
Hari Anil
Ittiam Systems, a media processing and communication technology provider, while celebrating their 10th anniversary deployed a... more>>

Tech Product

Hari Anil
INQ launched its new Facebook centric Android 2.2v phone Cloud Touch in India. more>>
Hari Anil
Price: Rs 5,499 FinePix AV200 from Fujifilm features a 14.1 Mega Pixel CCD image sensor that makes the camera capable of... more>>
Hari Anil
Price: Rs 1,63,013 Bose brought to India its new Lifestyle 235 home entertainment system, the first 2.1 home theater system... more>>
Hari Anil
Price: Rs 5,795 Akai launched its QWERTY smart phone, AKAI Connect Book, in India. more>>
Hari Anil
Price: Rs 14,999 Infibeam.com launched the eBook reader Infibeam Pi2. more>>
Hari Anil
Price: Venue- `29,990, Venue Pro- `34,990 Dell brought to India its new range of smart phones, Venue and Venue Pro. more>>

Venture Beat

ST Team
San Francisco based Meraki, a by-product of a research project at MIT in 2006 secured an additional Rs 67.4 crore investment... more>>
ST Team
ValueFirst Messaging has raised a round of Rs 70 crore funding from a wholly owned subsidiary of The Headland Asian Ventures... more>>
ST Team
IDBI plans to launch a Rs 1,000-crore venture capital (VC) fund, aiming at the high growth industries. more>>
ST Team
Cooliris, a visual browsing application developer, raises Rs 43 crores from third round of funding from existing investors... more>>
ST Team
The online insurance market in India, when compared to western markets like that of UK, is still very underdeveloped. more>>


Akanksha Ravindran
What are the major concerns of organizations right now and in the future when it comes to software testing? more>>
Akanksha Ravindran
In today’s economy, businesses need quality insights driven by accurate data more than ever. more>>
Akanksha Ravindran
Businesses need quality insights driven by accurate data, now more than ever. more>>
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