bitWise Academy: Engaging and Immersive STEM Education

G. Venkat, Founder & CEO, bitWise AcademyWe are all active learners. Our subjective experiences shape how we absorb information. Each student develops an individual learning style based on unique characteristics taking into account the student’s interest and aptitude for the subject matter, the availability of a suitable study environment to learn the material, and most of all, whether peer influences and friends steer him or her toward or away from engaging with new learning environments. All students have an immense ability to grasp and apply new subject matter and it is the responsibility of educators to enhance this learning potential by providing relevant and personalized learning opportunities to those students. G. Venkat, the founder and CEO of bitWise Academy, is a firm believer that STEM subjects should be fundamentally integrated into our standard K-12 education system and taught in an engaging, immersive, and personalized manner.

bitWise Academy acknowledges that parents and teachers play a vital role in the learning journey of a student. Since traditional classroom settings still do not offer comprehensive STEM curriculum at all grade levels, parents actively search for the best e-learning content to augment their child’s traditional classroom syllabus. The question becomes, with all the e-learning platforms available today, which one provides the most comprehensive and interactive environment to complement their child’s supplemental learning at home with measurable results? The answer to this question is what bitWise Academy has successfully addressed by developing the industry-leading conversational e-learning platform for STEM education; harnessing revolutionary machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and delivering benchmark analytics to measure student progress and performance.

Actionable Insights with AI

At the heart of its solution, bitwise Academy leverages its deep expertise in AI and machine learning algorithms to uncover how students learn. The bitWise platform understands each student’s individualized study style, including the pace of concept mastery, available time commitment, and subject matter retention in order to maximize the student’s learning potential. Based on its research and in-person student interactions, bitWise Academy determined that without this dynamic learning environment, students get easily distracted and lose interest in the content.

Rather than providing a standard “one-size-fits-all” passive video-watching learning model, bitWise Academy differentiates itself from other e-learning management solutions by providing an immersive and interactive experience for students personalized to their interests and preferences. The bitWise platform tailors the course content and creates a cognitive blueprint for each student. The byteSMART™ AI engine collects, analyzes and interprets the data to create insightful reports on each learner’s performance and progress.

We demystify student apprehensions about learning innovative STEM and Applied Computer Science concepts, Advanced Placement subjects, and disruptive technologies necessary to build our future

Curated content for each student supplements the topics that need more practice. Venkat explains that, “Our platform allows students to learn and experience science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and applied computer science topics at their own individual and comfortable pace. This approach aids in the student’s retention level and desire to continue exploring new courses.”

Effective Methodology for Multidisciplinary Studies

The worldwide popularity of the bitWise platform is a result of its multidisciplinary A++ Methodology™ approach. Students that avail the bitWise A++ Methodology™ Advance, Accelerate, and Achieve superior problem-solving, critical thinking, and advanced analytical skills both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. As students advance from elementary to middle school, they accelerate their STEM education and ultimately achieve mastery of STEM and Advanced Placement (AP) subjects before they enter college.

STEM education is the cornerstone of several emerging technology areas including game programming, computer science, statistics, data science, robotics, 3D printing, space exploration, biotech, nanotech, and IoT. Venkat believes that, “STEM is multidisciplinary and STEM education should not only encompass emerging technologies, math, science, and coding principles; it must also recognize the visual arts by incorporating freehand drawing, graphics design, and product design.” bitWise Academy encourages students to explore cutting-edge, high-tech subject areas and cultivate a curiosity for learning while strengthening traditional Common Core fundamentals.

Revolutionary Social Networking Peer Interactions

Student life revolves around interaction with friends, social media, and collaboration with other students. Recognizing this fact, bitWise Academy incorporates many aspects of social media and community engagement into the core of the e-learning Platform. Students have one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage, message, and collaborate with their friends via the Friends Circle™, take advantage of chatbot avatars, discuss topics, ask questions and contribute answers through their participation in the Community Forum™. The bestFRIEND™ conversational AI chatbot is the student’s very own ‘study buddy’ and a companion to tackle new subject areas in a fun, non-intimidating way.

bitWise Academy is proud to announce that it is the only e-learning company to successfully launch the world’s first STEM channel on WhatsApp. Through its collaborative infrastructure partnership with a media company in the summer of 2019, subscribers to the WhatsApp STEM Channel receive regular content on popular STEM topics and grade-level appropriate posts with complex questions and detailed answers in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and computer science. Students enjoy friendly competition within their WhatsApp group as they race against the clock to answer posted questions all while earning rewards points, learning new content, and engaging in a fun, interactive gamified environment.

Next Level in e-learning Education

bitWise Academy’s Board of Education includes renowned educators who constantly review course content and align the A++ Methodology with traditional Common Core and honors-level Advanced Placement (AP) subjects. In early 2020, bitWise Academy will launch a unique portal that will provide Homework Helper™ tools for students to improve their efficiency and productivity in solving their daily homework problems in math and science. Students can also utilize the time spent doing homework to improve their understanding of these topics. The bitWise Academy quiz engine will provide access to interactive ways for students to improve their skills in all grade levels of math, science, and popular AP subjects.

With its distinguished Board of Education, interactive features, Chatbot avatars, FriendsCircle™, Community Forms™, and a free global STEM Channel on WhatsApp, bitWise Academy is delivering on its mission to bring multidisciplinary STEM education to all students regardless of age, gender or geographic location.