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June-2016 issue
In My Opinion
Author: Krity Sharma, Head-People, Tesco Bengaluru
A google search on 'great place to work' gives about 80,20,00,000 results in 0.76 seconds! Extensive research has been done in this space to say the least. more>>

Best Companies To Work For - 2016

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The workplace Darwinism is not a myth anymore; fittest organizations survive and the rest go evanescent with the millisecond... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Data Integration

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Greatness, like many objectives, lies in the eyes of the beholder. more>>

Best Companies to Work for - ERP Software

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As ERP is ubiquitously accepted as the heart of any organization, the idea of adopting an efficient ERP resonates with many... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Inbound Marketing

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Pallavi was a typical fresher who didn't have any sharp blueprints about her future, but just a vague mind canvas filled with... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Mobile App Development

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In this information age, abundant opportunities are popping up for the talented and passionate amongst all; depending upon how... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Product Engineering Services

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What are the possible effective ways to retain the best? - is perhaps the biggest question that haunts every company, and the... more>>
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Being a part of a growing mid-sized organization provides every employee with an inherent sense of ownership, as they can see... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Recruitment Services

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With new transformative waves in the offing, Indian recruitment industry is allegedly pegged to witness one million new jobs... more>>

Best Companies to Work For - ITeS

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Providing a profound fillip to the country's economy, Indian ITeS-BPO industry has been on a phenomenal growth trajectory over... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Revenue Accounting Automation Software

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If implemented effectively, an automated revenue system can be a talisman for a business to enable financial stability, thus... more>>

Best Companies to Work For - Support Interaction Optimization

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The key ingredient that makes a company the perfect place to work is the respect and appreciation the company shows to its... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Legal

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1985 was not a golden era for fresh law graduates, since the law firms were extremely hierarchical where the power was utterly... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Data Security

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"It's an extremely exciting time to work here. We are in high-growth mode and are developing an innovative platform that... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - IT Consulting Services

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Proactive in leveraging comprehensive IT Services to serve elite clients across various genres, Eternus Solutions was founded... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Design Services-ASIC & Embedded

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He had to rush to Jharkhand to take care of his sick mother. Though Mukesh knew that his result-driven company had a flexible... more>>

Best Companies to Work for - Semiconductor

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SilabTech, one of the leading suppliers of high speed interface intellectual property designs, seized the industry's spotlight... more>>

CXO Insights

Nupur Shrivastava, HR Head - India, ARM
Workplaces of today need to attract and retain three generations of working population. It has hence become imperative to... more>>
Sunil Pathak, HR Group Director, Cadence Design Systems (India)
It is a universal truth that happy and engaged employees are the key to a successful organization. Promoting a healthy,... more>>
Deepika Singh, Internal Communications Head, Gionee
Technology companies have come a long way toward figuring out the 'secret sauce' of creating organizations that are both high... more>>
Nalini Sinha, Deputy Manager HR, HMT
The World has its eyes on India, the country which in next 20 years will be the World's most populous country and also the... more>>
Dilpreet Singh, VP - HR, IBM India & South Asia
The rise of technology, easy access to social media along with a dynamic millennial and ever-changing workforce has redefined... more>>
Annmol Bhutani, Country HR Manager and Sudhir Tangri, Country Head & VP, Keysight Technologies India
Every organization is constantly seeking new ways to ensure that their employees are more productive and their business is more... more>>
Surabhi Mittal, HR Head, LANXESS
It won't be an exaggeration to say that the HR landscape has had a complete makeover since its inception. The evolution from... more>>
Ashish Bedekar, India Head, MediaTek Labs
A cursory look at Google trends search for Internet of Things or IoT rightfully shows that the general interest has grown since... more>>
Rahul Kothari, Head of Business, PayU
Money, irrespective of shape or form, has facilitated trades and transactions between us since ancient times. It's an obvious... more>>
Suman Reddy, MD, Pegasystems India
Have you ever wondered how some companies get it right, when it comes to creating an innovative, fun and collaborative work... more>>
Harsh Lambah, Country Manager, Regus India
The workplace in India, as we've known it, is rapidly changing. The need for a healthy work-life balance, difficulties faced by... more>>
Katherine Mancuso, Vice President - HR, ShoreTel
Engagement is a word that has multiple meanings. But in my eyes as a Vice President of human resources, focusing on employee... more>>
Saurabh Nigam, VP - HR, Snapdeal
To become one of most celebrated start-ups, a company should be powered by a young, ambitious workforce hungry for growth. Also... more>>
Deepika Pillai, Director - HR, Xavient Information Systems
Digitization has transformed the way corporates work, requiring a tremendous change in all areas of human resources. What's... more>>

VC Talk

Dr. Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Co-Founder & President, Venture Catalysts
The Indian concept of a good career traditionally involved either working in a government job - typically as a doctor, engineer... more>>

CEO Insights

Mike Feerick, CEO & Founder, ALISON
The government of India's aim of creating a 500-million-strong skilled workforce by 2022 is both ambitious and an economic... more>>
Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Founder & CEO, Denave
Do you look forward to your day at office? Are you happy with the work ecosystem? Do you see yourself going to the same place... more>>
Sean Rudner, President & CEO, StockPKG
Half the battle of a business owner is sustaining a company through the ebbs & flows of the economy and the market. The other... more>>
Ashish Shah, Founder & CEO, Vertoz
When we talk about online advertising, we talk about the advertisements that we see on various websites while surfing on the... more>>


Anamika Sahu
If you are working on enhancing your business strategy just for the clients, then wait for a moment and watch others before you... more>>
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