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June - 2016 - issue > Best Companies to Work for - Mobile App Development

Code Brew Labs: The Perfect Home for Exceptional Talents

si Team
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
si Team
In this information age, abundant opportunities are popping up for the talented and passionate amongst all; depending upon how much one is willing to give to a certain field. Chandigarh-based Code Brew Labs (CBL), an innovative mobile-based software development company that also has offices in California & New York, is filled with such talents, owing to its hunger to grow & learn fast, passion to continuously setting & achieving higher milestones without compromising quality and the vision to build the next beautiful product.

Shedding the spotlight on design, usability and user interaction with the software during initial phases, this 2013-founded company also helps its clients to market those apps among customers/users via analytics once the product is out on market. Dynamically shaping its development approach in-line with current needs has enabled CBL to grow at an impressive 200 percent rate annually. However, the company initially struggled to build a good team, devoid of good infrastructure and salary package. Nevertheless, everything fell in place, as CBL adamantly on-boarded a very few like-minded people, who were passionate about excellence and innovation. Again, finding newcomers with similar passion was a daunting task; but today being one of the top companies, people with talent know that CBL stands for innovation and promoting new talent.

Fun & Challenge loving Youthful Boom

CBL focuses on every CBLion's growth and frequently invites great intellects to conduct motivational lectures on work-ethics and upcoming industry trends. Boosting good employee-moral, the company that often organizes various events akin to off-work parties, also invites the families of exceptionally performing employees to celebrate their beloved one's achievements along with the whole CBL family. CBL has a big playing room with xbox, Table-tennis and Guitars, where its young & passionate team can release their work pressure.

"I've learned a lot here. I feel like an unstoppable machine right now. I will remember this experience. Our unique work-culture lets us explore and reinvent working strategies to deliver quality. The reason I want to work here is I learn new things every-day and yet I remain equally curious the next day," says a gratified CBLion.

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