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Key Trends Of HR Policies & How Organizations Are Focused

Dilpreet Singh, VP - HR, IBM India & South Asia
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Dilpreet Singh, VP - HR, IBM India & South Asia
Headquartered in New York, IBM specializes in consulting, technology and R&D. It offers a broad range of technology and services equipped with world's most advanced servers and supercomputers.

The rise of technology, easy access to social media along with a dynamic millennial and ever-changing workforce has redefined the role of human resources. HR as a function has evolved over the years, and has now become a strategic partner in driving business outcomes. Progressive CHROs have their respective focus areas and will continue to strategize their efforts around: People (Leadership, Employee Engagement, Employee Experience, Employee Well-Being, Talent Management and Training), Technology (Digitization, Big Data and Analytics), Organization (Workplace Flexibility, Performance Management, Diversity and Inclusion) and Social Oriented HR (Culture & Engagement and CSR).

In recent years, there have been dramatic changes in how companies leverage technology to connect people to share experiences with each other. We have also seen shifts in communication, mentoring, reinventing performance based reviews, focus on welfare and wellness of employees, improving (new) employee experience to cyber security laws, protection of company and employee data, predictive data analysis and many other similar aspects.

While the above initiatives are critical, employee well-being is something which HR cannot afford to ignore. Finally, it is only a healthy happy employee working in an employee friendly environment who can be the most productive. Employee well-being also encompasses employee welfare. In layman terms, employee welfare includes services, benefits and facilities offered to employees by the employer.

Today's workforce which is increasingly globally dispersed, multi-generational and multicultural, feel encouraged and find themselves in an inclusive work culture motivating them to be innovative and continually push for transformational excellence. A recent PwC research states that millennials will account for nearly half the global workforce by 2020.

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