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Opportunities & Challenges for IoT in India

Ashish Bedekar, India Head, MediaTek Labs
Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Ashish Bedekar, India Head, MediaTek Labs
Headquartered in Taiwan, MediaTek is one of the leading providers of semiconductor and systems-on-chip (SoC) that enable manufacturers from different industries to efficiently optimize their supply chains and reduce the development time of new products

A cursory look at Google trends search for Internet of Things or IoT rightfully shows that the general interest has grown since last one year or so. IoT has started to permeate into our collective consciousness in an awesome way! The world expects IoT to create a hyper-connected network of things. We are well aware of the value which connected networks brings (think Internet), and the fact that technology adoption is itself accelerating at an amazing pace.

A deeper look into what is pushing the growth of IoT

1) Increased availability of affordable smartphone (Smartphones will be crucial even in the IoT era as a personal control hub)
2) Hardware supply chain ecosystem growth due to drop in cost of components like sensors (spurred by smartphones)
3) Focus of semiconductor companies on IoT by providing products for various use cases
4) Increased corporate and government investments in IoT and related opportunities (e.g. Smart cities, Digital India)

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