August-2007 issue
Guru Speak
Author: Sashi Reddi
The growing trend among VCs of investing in ‘niche players’, gives me a sense of satisfaction about what I ventured out to do six years back; which was to set up a company focused on ‘testing and quality management’. more>>

People Manager

C. Mahalingam
The characteristics of a jackass are stubbornness, stupidity, willfulness, and unwillingness to go where someone is driving him... more>>

Project Management

Vimal Kumar Khanna
Reflect on your actual results against your expected results to know your true strengths. Soul search your own feedback; be... more>>

Sage Speak

Roy Singham
Agile methodology intensely focuses on best practices such as iterative delivery, test-driven development, continuous... more>>
Praveen Vishakantaiah
There are three possible outcomes for each commitment made by the manager and the team – missing, meeting, or beating it. more>>

Company of the Month

Pradeep Shankar
GlobalLogic is hungry to garner a larger share and lead from the front in the OPD market. more>>

Tech Training

Aritra Bhattacharya
It is raining moolah for SAP professionals in the country thanks to a a steady deployment of SAP in companies across India. more>>

Tech Recruiters

Priya Pradeep
Want to know trade secrets of how recruiters choose the best Java candidate? Read the latest in Java hiring. more>>

Art of Delegation

Vimali Swamy
When you don't delegate effectively you often end up burdened with work and are unavailabe for newer challenges. more>>

Employee Recognition

Christo Jacob
Today companies are increasingly realizing the fact that the right pat on the right shoulder is the only way to accelerate... more>>

Engineer's Diaries

Vimali Swamy
An insight into the professional lives of IT engineers. more>>

Destination Korea

Priya Pradeep
India and South Korea have their economic destinies intertwined in the present resurgence of East Asian economies. more>>

HR Talk

Christo Jacob
Multiple switching is personally worthwhile, if a candidate has growth in his career from one level to another. However, most... more>>

Woman Achiever

Jaya Smitha Menon
Priti identified her objectives quite early in life, right from the days she was a student in Indian Institute of Technology... more>>

Tech Product

Vimali Swamy
Read on to know about the latest tech products launched in the market. more>>

Movers and Shakers

Vimali Swamy
Ranjan Guha, President, Application and Infrastructure Management, e4e more>>
Vimali Swamy
K. Narayanan, Head Operations, Gameshastra India more>>
Vimali Swamy
Prasanna Krishna, Lab Director at Torry Harris Business Solutions more>>
Vimali Swamy
Raghav Sahgal, CEO, Intense Technologies more>>
Vimali Swamy
Kishore Badami, VP Global Marketing, NetMagic Solutions. more>>
Vimali Swamy
Kibambi Sheshadri, Head, Enterprise Testing Services, Marlabs more>>

Tech Buzz

ST Team
Read on to know the latest developments in the tech world more>>

Cover Story

Aritra Bhattacharya
Unlike in the IT services industry, where end-user companies offshore work in order to cut costs, in the OPD industry it’s... more>>

Cover Feature

Aritra Bhattacharya
A phrase fast gaining prominence in the realm of business strategists is: Outsourced Product Development. And its no flash in... more>>


Anil Chakravarthy
Anil Chakravarthy gives tips on how to achieve the desired outcome with available resources, while leadership in a business... more>>

In Focus

ST Team
Know more about what is happening in the IT world. more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
Today the Outsourced Product Development business model shines brighter than before. more>>

Last Word

Inder Thukral
The present ‘globally integrated’ business model, will create multiple opportunities in the flat world. more>>
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