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August - 2007 - issue > Engineer's Diaries

What I like about my profession?

Vimali Swamy
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Vimali Swamy
Krishnaraj CK
Employer: GE Healthcare
Job: Design Engineer
ST: What is your job here?
KR: I’m working with the Centricity Perinatal Team on the new version of their
ST: What do you like about your job?
KR: I like the challenge of working on technologies that I have no clue about. I love the work atmosphere, my team-mates and of course my bright and happy cubicle.
ST: What do you find challenging about your job?
KR: The simultaneous work on multiple technology platforms which includes VC++, J2EE, and C#, excites me. Since the problems are on different platforms it’s hard to keep track of all.

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