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The ability to look far beyond into the future and plan for it

Anil Chakravarthy
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Anil Chakravarthy
Management and leadership, two interconnected features
Management is basically about achieving the desired outcome with available resources, while leadership in a business context is management plus certain other essential elements. These include the following, among other things:
  • 1.
  • Building a sustainable model in an organization:
    This primarily requires a team, and a work culture that is different from routine management.
  • 2.
  • The ability to shape the world around you:
    An ability to envision and bring to reality an understanding of the world of a specific market at present as well as in the days to come.
    So, to me management is a necessary condition for leadership, while not being the exclusive preserve of it.

    Graduating from management to leadership
    After my Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I joined McKinsey & Company, the management consulting company, where I worked for five years, specializing in developing e-business and IT transformation strategies. I had joined as an associate and became a manager at the end of the second year. I have been in management since that time.

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