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August - 2007 - issue > Tech Recruiters

How to brew your cup of JAVA?

Priya Pradeep
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Priya Pradeep
All recruiters want to hire the best candidate for the job. However, do you as a candidate know how to brew your best image to make a hirer smell your Java beans and say, “You are the next coffee coder for our company!”

Cracking the Recruitment Nut
Freshers with a computer science background and have done programming should be able to handle questions like “In which scenario would you use Java as a language?” or “What are the negative aspects of C++ and Java?” with élan. They are expected to understand basic Java concepts and syntax.

For techies with two years experience it is important that they are conversant with enterprise and middle ware applications. The candidate has to learn on his own and googling is not a bad habit. According to Sruthi M, HR Executive at Triad Infotech, a candidate who displays knowledge gained through updating his skills in the area he functions and also areas not within his ambit packs quite a punch in the job market.

Expertise in J2EE technologies for enterprise applications and J2ME for mobile applications, design skills, and knowledge of design patterns are required for middle level talent. Exposure to open source technologies and certifications will be additionally advantageous. Queries here range from, “What kind of products you have developed or what type of customers you have dealt with?” to “How well you have applied the abilities of Java to the application you are trying to develop?”

“At Tavant Technologies, during selection of the Java candidates are given a problem and they have to code it in Java under time constraints. Those who come up with a good solution under pressure incorporating the fundamentals of Java have a higher chance to get recruited,” says Sandeep Dasgupta, Senior Engineering Manager, Tavant Technologies.

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