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10 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers - 2022
While, no business can be imagined without communication, technology advancements are transforming the way enterprises communicate today to go about their business operations & functions performance. Inducing digitalization and automation in the organizations across its businesses operations today, Enterprise Communication Solutions companies are helping companies across the challenges levied by evolutions brought down by Industry 4.0, and changing trends in business conduct. The Enterprise Communication Solutions companies are comprehending the exacts by integrating the real and the digital worlds through...Read More
10 Most Promising ORACLE Partners - 2022
In this digital era, where technology has pragmatically overhauled the business processes across industries, database management systems (DBMS) significantlyhelp organizations increasing their access to data, managing different databases wisely, and retrieving relevant information for quicker information analysis and decision making for business growth. Amongst the host of proficient DBMS, Oracle is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. The first ever designed database for enterprise grid computing, Oracle DBMS is the most flexible and cost effective way to...Read More
10 Most Promising eSign Service Providers - 2022
A signature generally refers to one's identity, attributing the signee's intention to acceptance of the information contained in a particular document. Well, comprehending the digitalization of processes across industries today, eSignature is one significant way to fasten this signing process by providing online instant access to doing it in less time. Though this concept of eSign was introduced long back in 2000 in India, through the Information Technology Act, but it has evolved pragmatically over the past few, signifying its implications across business remotely. Also, it is this exclusivity of...Read More
10 Most Promising Analytical Testing Labs - 2022
In this rapidly evolving world where things are advancing and being produced at rapid-pace, quality and safety may sometimes be compromised, knowingly or unknowingly, respective of the sincerity in functions by the leaders of entities across diverse industries. Here, Analytical testing comes handy in helping determine the misses, as it basically is a combination of detection, for safety, and measurement, for quality of products and manufactures. Analytical testing services not only allow assessment of chemical compounds or biopharmaceutical materials in a specific and sensitive manner, but also hold importance...Read More
10 Most Promising Cold Storage Service Providers - 2022
One of the most effective spaces for handling bulk perishable goods, most prominently fruits and vegetables are Cold Storage. It is the stage of business between production and marketing. Cold Storage is helping in the preservation of such related commodities in a fresh state by controlling the various gases, and maintaining adequate temperature and humidity within the storage system. Cold Storage is applicable in the food industry and various related sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical fields. In an enveloped world, forecasted by the globalization of technology, the consumption of different...Read More
10 Most Promising Data Science & DigiTech Companies – 2022
India is one of the top markets for analytics and data science services, and numerous data science vendors have seen tremendous growth over the last few years. With the industry 4.0 becoming the buzz word for business, companies across various verticals are investing billions of dollars in Data Science and analytics to optimise industry processes. These have revolutionised industries making them multiple times faster. Industry 4.0 has changed the way businesses looks and has transformed data into valuable insights. It is estimated that around 2.5 exabytes of data is produced each day. Companies of all sizes...Read More
10 Most Promising Smart Irrigation Solutions - 2022
Agriculture plays an influential role for the development in the food production and also for the economic welfare of India. In the field of agriculture, using a proper method of irrigation plays a paramount role in Indian crop production. Relying on the Indian agriculture's monsoon season, there is an unreliable source of water due to which smart irrigation system in India is needed for providing a sufficient amount of water in the farms or fields according to the soil's moisture content. Many areas of agriculture fields are effectively over or under irrigated because of spatial variability in water...Read More
10 Most Promising Solar EPC - 2022
A more sophisticated, ethical, and reliable form of EPC services and solutions is provided by the solar EPC companies which are more advanced. The companies use state-of-the-art technology and offer clients the righteous solar system which is undoubtedly an investment for the long term. Solar energy is undeniably thriving with lots of active research from technologists. The technologists help to thrive the businesses with services for photovoltaic services in end-to-end consultative sales, system design, equipment procurement, project management, solar panel installation, and reliable support. The services and...Read More
10 Most Promising Dealer & Distributor Management Software Providers - 2022
India's retail sector is ever evolving and is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. The Indian retail industry currently ranks as the fifth largest globally, contributing to about five percent of the nation's GDP. The sector has immense potential for growth. How ever, the presence of efficient and robust distribution & supply chain network is inevitable for the growth of the sector. India had a complex distribution system that has been evolved over years. The Indian distribution sector consists of three layered selling and distribution structure comprising of the super stockiest,...Read More